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  • GIPHY Android Review

    GIPHY Android Review

    GIFs have certainly changed the way we look at images on the internet. After all, why look at a boring old still picture when you can have a movie clip shown to you without having to turn the sound down on your computer? (We’ve all had that thing happen to us where the video is playing while we forgot to mute our computers, causing everyone to look at us afterwards. So awkward.) Well, luckily, GIFs are more accessible on our mobile devices than ever thanks to apps such as GIPHY. Wait a second, this is an app for GIFs and they misspell the world GIF? That’s a little odd, isn’t it? Am I overanalyzing this? You’ll have to read the review and find out. Let’s take a look at GIPHY for Android devices.

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    What Is GIPHY?

    GIPHY is an app to find any kind of GIF. And I know what you’re thinking, “who does this app reviewer think they are, making such a bold claim as that?” Well, first of all, I appreciate you asking so kindly. And secondly, there is seriously a ton of different GIFs available on this app. Allow me to explain.


    How Is The App?

    What’s interesting about GIPHY isn’t so much the number of GIFs available. OK, it is, but allow me to make my point. GIPHY offers tons of different categories of GIFs, from those reflecting different emotions and actions to even those specifically from movies and TV shows. And they’re all very easy to share on everything from your basic messenger to Facebook messaging. Needless to say, they made sending a GIF of Batman eating a cookie pretty simple.


    The Bottom Line

    If you’re looking for a fun way to express something outside of your basic emojis, GIPHY is the way to do it. Want to wish your grandmother a happy birthday? Use GIPHY! Want to tell somebody you’re mad? Use GIPHY! Want to just send someone a picture of Spongebob Squarepants dancing? Use GIPHY! OK, I’ll stop. This is starting to sound like some kind of GIPHY commercial...

  • Spreaker Android Review

    Spreaker Android Review

    I’ve made it no secret that I’m a big fan of podcasts. It’s always so nice to go for a long walk while listening to the sound of other people talking. I mean, it’s definitely better than thinking, right? Thankfully, in the smartphone age, there are tons of options when it comes to ways to listen to podcasts. Between iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher, taking your internet talk shows with you has never been easier. But does the Spreaker app bring enough to the table to compete with the best of the best in podcast apps? Well, I wrote an article discussing just that. What a coincidence! Let’s take a look at Spreaker for Android devices.


    What Is Spreaker?

    As I (pretty much) explained in the intro, Spreaker is an app made primarily for listening to podcasts. However, I’ve reviewed podcast apps in the past and they’ve done very little to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Most of them just seemed like weaker versions of the more popular podcasting apps already available. However, Spreaker does offer some interesting twist on the tried and true podcast formula. Allow me to explain..


    How Is The App?

    Spreaker actually exceeded my expectations quite a bit. Unlike many apps that are simply watered-down versions of basic podcast systems, the app offers quite a few unique options. A perfect example of this is the ability to listen to live broadcasts, effectively blurring the lines between podcasting and radio. Additionally, the app offers much more detailed category system, going far beyond the basics of “Entertainment” and “Sports”. Considering there are so many different subgenres of podcasts out there, I’d say that’s a good thing.


    The Bottom Line

    Spreaker is definitely an app I would recommend for not only listening to podcasts, but discovering new ones. With some wonderful features such as live broadcasting and downloading for offline listening, I’d say the app is definitely worth a download. It is free after all.

  • How To Use Lifesum (Android)

    How To Use Lifesum (Android)

    Health apps have definitely grown in popularity over the past few years. Perhaps it’s because we, as a society, are starting to become much more healthy. Or perhaps it’s because mobile technology is beginning to really help us when it comes to our health needs. Or perhaps it’s because we’ve all done that thing where you download an app and really think you’re going to use it...even if you don’t really end up using it at all. I may or may not have done that a few times with health-related apps. But that’s besides the point. Let’s take a look at Lifesum for Android devices.


    What Is Lifesum?

    Lifesum is an app to help keep track for your various health needs. Trying to eat healthier? Lifesum can help you with that. Trying to exercise more? Lifesum can help you with that. Trying to build a robotic arm so that you can defeat your enemies? I’m not sure if Lifesum can help you with that. Maybe the Premium version?


    How Do You Use It?

    Lifesum is a pretty simple application to use. You begin using the app by choosing your objectives, such as if you’d like to eat healthier, lose weight, or even gain muscle. You then give the app some basic information such as your height, weight, and gender. From there, you’re free to begin tracking your various habits, such as what you eat, what you drink, and how often you exercise by tapping the proper sections.


    The Bottom Line

    Lifesum is a very well-designed app for tracking your fitness needs. Not only does the application make tracking your dietary behaviors very simple, it also tells you how healthy your habits are. For example, while inputting the food you’ve eaten, it will give you an actual grade of the item. And, to my shock and awe, triple pepperoni double cheese pizza is not all that healthy for you. So I learned something today,

  • Out Of Milk Android Review

    Out Of Milk Android Review

    It’s happened to all of us. You go out on a special trip to the grocery store for one simple item, come back with bags of stuff, and realize you didn’t even get the one thing you went to the store for. It can be a cruel world sometimes. Well, some app developers must have felt this exact pain and decided it was time to make a stand. No longer shall we go to the store for a pack of gum and come home gum-free again. Let’s take a look at Out Of Milk for Android devices.


    What Is Out Of Milk?

    At first glance, Out Of Milk seems to be your usual run-of-the-mill grocery list app. However, it’s actually got some useful additions to it. For starters, the app allows you to not only add in items you are in need of, such as bread or cereal, but scan barcodes of products you really enjoy to add them right in. Additionally, you can organize the items already in your pantry and determine how much you have left. After all, there’s nothing worse than the grim realization you’re low on peanut butter.


    How Is The App?

    Out Of Milk is one of those apps that really surprised me. It’s not that I didn’t think the app would be any good or anything, I just thought I’d be getting one of your regular listing apps. However, I believe this app really innovates the classic grocery list in a number of ways. The barcode scan is simple and intuitive, and the pantry idea is pretty novel. Even though I’m not nearly organized enough to keep all of that together.


    The Bottom Line

    Out Of Milk definitely exceeded my expectations, offering a grocery experience unlike my usual process of “writing something on a sticky note and bringing it to the store”. Even if my absolute lack of organization probably means I won’t be able to fully take advantage of the app.

  • Cold Turkey Android Review

    Cold Turkey Android Review

    We’ve all had that friend that just can’t seem to stay off of their phone for more than a couple minutes at a time. While you’re trying to have a conversation, they’re Instagramming, Twittering, and AOL chatrooming (do people still do that?) away. And we’ve also all had those times where we’re trying to get some work done but can’t help from checking for texts or playing a few levels in Candy Crush. Heck, I’ve had some of my reviews take all day because of that. I probably should have kept that a secret, huh? Well, maybe there’s a certain app that can help with all of that. Let’s take a look at Cold Turkey for Android devices.


    What Is Cold Turkey?

    Cold Turkey is an app with the main focus of keeping you off of your phone. Well, not so much off of your phone, just not using any of the fun and addictive things a smartphone can do. Which is everything. You begin by setting the amount of time you’d like to be phone-free, and a timer starts. And then, until that timer hits zero, your mobile device is useless. You’ll just have to wait to see how many likes you got on that Facebook photo.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, I am very impressed with the Cold Turkey app. Not only is it a spectacular idea, it’s executed very well. The simplicity of the application is perfect for keeping focused, and I almost enjoyed the frustration of being able to open different apps...only to be redirected right back to the Cold Turkey screen. Bold move, designers.


    The Bottom Line

    Whether you have trouble focusing because of your mobile device or just want more time with the outside world, Cold Turkey is an amazing application for any mobile device user. It’s designed well, executed well, and...oh! My time’s up! I can use my phone again!

  • Vevo Android Review

    Vevo Android Review

    I’ve always been quite a fan of music videos. There’s something that’s always so interesting about seeing a visual addition to your music listening experience. While this used to be a feature only seen on television, music videos have grown to be more of an online experience, with on-demand music videos readily available. And, the past few years, Vevo has made their name as a major distributor of these music videos. Let’s take a look at the dedicated Vevo app for Android devices.


    What Is Vevo?

    My earliest memories of Vevo were in the earlier days of YouTube, when I would watch tons of music videos. However, suddenly various musician music video channels had the name “Vevo” added onto them. And started adding ads before the video. Well, as you can imagine, this was a bit tough for some people to deal with, and they made this very apparent in the comments section. But don’t worry, it’s the only time that a comments section has ever been angry. Well, frankly I didn’t mind it, and Vevo has lived on, releasing their very own dedicated music video app.


    How Is The App?

    Vevo is actually a pretty well-designed app. The entire look of the application is very approachable, and is actually one of the better designs I’ve seen for a video-streaming app. You can simply search around for any artist or song you’d like to see or check out the suggested songs. But there’s the only problem with the app: you can pretty much already do all of that with the YouTube app. Plus watch millions and millions of cat videos.


    The Bottom Line

    Vevo is not a bad app by any means. I really enjoy the basic design of the application and it does offer a more focused music video experience. However, there’s simply not much that makes it different from the main YouTube app. And, like I said, there’s no cat videos. Trust me, I looked.

  • Sorting Hat Android Review

    Sorting Hat Android Review

    I’ve made it pretty clear in the past that I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and movies. But can you blame me? They’re so much fun to read and watch! Plus they have that cool spell that works like a mini flashlight. Even if you do pretty much just do with your phone. Or a flashlight. Whatever, it’s still cool. Well, one of the most iconic parts of the Harry Potter franchise is the Sorting Hat, which examines your personality and decides which of the school’s houses you belong in. And now that talking hat has been made into an app! (Wow, I never thought I’d type that.) Let’s take a look at Sorting Quiz for Android devices.


    What is Sorting Quiz?

    Much like in the books and movies, the Sorting Quiz decides which of the four Hogwarts houses you belong in by taking a look at your personality. This is done by answering ten questions about what you seek in life, your best quality, and more. So for me, pretty much just food and sleep.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, I had a very good time playing around with the Sorting Quiz app. The application had some pretty interesting (and oftentimes tough) questions and actually works very well. How do I know this? It placed me in Hufflepuff, the house I’ve been placed in every single time I take a Sorting Hat quiz of this kind. Man, somebody reading this that doesn’t know about Harry Potter must be pretty lost, huh?


    The Bottom Line

    The Sorting Quiz app is very fun. In fact, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise, it still works as a quick personality test. But, I must admit, as a person that bought Harry Potter-looking glasses right after the first movie came out, I must say the app is much more fun if you’ve been a longtime fan like myself. Whether you have the glasses or not.

  • Fun Facts 30,000+ Android Review

    Fun Facts 30,000+ Android Review

    I’ve made it no secret that I enjoy fun facts. And, because of that, I’ve found myself reviewing a number of different fun fact apps. And, strangely enough, they’re all just a little bit different. Some have very creative designs while others focus mainly on the amount of facts they give you. What does Fun Facts 30,000+ have to offer? Well, you’ll just have to find out won’t you?


    What Is Fun Facts 30,000+?

    I feel like I could explain what this app is in one simple sentence. But what say instead I draw it out for too long to make the paragraph look longer? OK, good plan. Fun Facts 30,000+ is an app that offers you a variety of different fun facts. How many facts does it offer? Well, as you can tell from the title, it offers more than 30,000 of them. OK, I feel like that’s as much explaining as I can do.


    How Is The App?

    Fun Facts 30,000+ is definitely one of the best fun fact-related apps I’ve used so far. The application not only has a large number of fun facts, it makes it very simple to just keep swiping on and on for more. Additionally, unlike many fun fact apps, Fun Facts 30,000+ offers a good mix of simpler facts and longer, more complex information. Plus, if it weren’t for the app I definitely wouldn’t know that a blue whale’s heart is the size of a car. That’s the kind of stuff you just have to know.


    The Bottom Line

    Fun Facts 30,000+ is a great app for passing some time, starting some conversations, or even gaining some interesting knowledge. It’s easy to use, very fast, and, as illustrated in the application’s name, there are tons of fun facts to go through. So fire up a pot of coffee, download the app, and begin collecting some interesting tidbits!

  • Painnt Android Review

    Painnt Android Review

    Let me just start out this review by saying that if you’ve got a problem with words that look like they’re misspelled, this might not be the review for you. Even I had to also give it a second look to make sure I wasn’t just reading the title wrong. Anyways, let’s take a look at Painnt for Android devices. The spelling is still throwing you off, isn’t it?


    What Is Painnt?

    Unlike Microsoft’s well-known application Paint, Painnt with two n’s is actually more of a photo filter app than a drawing application. So maybe that extra n stands for “not like the other Paint”? I’m just guessing here, people. Painnt allows you to take an image from your collection, camera, or even social media accounts and apply a number of different filters. And, as somebody that already overuses filters on pretty much every social media account, I’d say it could never hurt to throw a little extra filter on.


    How Is The App?

    While there are already plenty of different photo editing apps available, especially ones that deal primarily with filters, I enjoyed the many options presented by Painnt. While there were many general filters that give simplistic looks, there were also more creative additions such as crayon, which as you can imagine makes everything appear as though it was drawn in crayon. And crayons are my personal favorite writing tool. I’d write these reviews in crayon if I could.


    The Bottom Line

    Painnt for Android devices might not be everyone’s first choice for an editing app, but it definitely offers a robust amount of features. My only real issue with the app is how long it takes to preview your changes once you apply them. However, that might just show me that I need to be a bit more patient. Ehh, I’ll be more patient next year.

  • How To Use Water Time Pro (Android)

    How To Use Water Time Pro (Android)

    Drinking water on a consistent basis is not the easiest thing in the world to do. At least, you’d think that from scrolling around the many app stores. Seriously, I feel like I saw more water drinking apps than photo editing apps. And, trust me, I saw a TON of those. Seeing as I’ve already reviewed one water drinking app in the past, I’m pretty qualified to look at another, right? Right? Well, whatever. I’m going to do it anyways. Let’s take a look at Water Time Pro for Android devices.


    What Is Water Time Pro?

    As you can probably tell from my intro, the name, and even the logo of Water Time Pro, this app is meant to remind you when it’s time to drink water. Which is kind of funny because, you know, we all need water to live. Which makes it kinda hilarious that we need an app for it. What’s next, an app that reminds us when to eat? Which reminds me, it’s almost lunchtime…


    How Do You Use It?

    Much like the act of drinking water, Water Time Pro is a pretty simple app. You simply begin by choosing what type of drink you’ve consumed during the day by scrolling around different sizes and options. You can also change your personal information such as gender and weight (which affect how much water you need) and set how often you’d like water reminder alarms to go off by tapping the settings and alarm buttons respectively.









    The Bottom Line

    Water Time Pro offers everything you’d expect from a water reminder app: easy tracking, alarms, and customizability. However, one thing I forgot to mention was the adorable mascot featured throughout the app, a cute little water drop. The little thing smiles as you gulp your water, and can even wear a little headband if you tap the little kettle bell in the bottom right. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face while you’re constantly being reminded to drink water, I don’t know what will.

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