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  • Netflix Windows Review

    Netflix Windows Review

    Netflix is one of those things where the name is synonymous with something. Like how when you search something online you generally say you Google it. Well, people may have used to say Ask Jeeves it. But I don’t think they exist anymore. Sorry, Ask Jeeves fans. I’m getting a bit off topic here. Let's look at the Netflix app on Windows Phones. How is it, you may ask? Well, I’ll answer you with my extremely special “Netflix Windows Review”. Will it answer all your questions and exceed your expectations, leaving you in a state of shock and amazement? Possibly.


    What Is Netflix?

    While the company used to be best known for mailing DVD’s to you (which feels weird typing nowadays), Netflix is now known more for their streaming content. They’ve got everything from their own original shows to entire series available. Like The Flash, which I’ve become totally hooked on. But I’ll get into how easy it is to watch a few hours of Netflix and forget you have to get back to work later. I’ve got a show to watch first.


    How Is The App?

    Netflix itself has a great amount of content. Besides their constantly expanding roster of original shows, they’ve also got tons of series and classic movies on demand. In addition, the app is very easy to use, as you can pretty simply scroll around different genres. Netflix also does a great job of giving you suggestions based on other shows and movies you’ve watched. So, for me, a whole lot of comic book shows and movies. I like what I like.


    The Bottom Line

    Overall, there’s a reason Netflix is so popular. They’ve clearly done a great job of not only putting together some amazing content, but making an app that’s easy to use and allows you to experience all the wonderful entertainment away from the TV. And when I say experience the entertainment, I mean stay in on a Saturday night enjoying a nice Netflix marathon.


  • Hulu Plus Windows Review

    Hulu Plus Windows Review

    We live in a world of streaming. Gone are the dark days of waiting all day for your show to come on or videotape it. (Wow, I feel old even typing that.) One of the main names of video streaming is Hulu, which has made its name as one of the top streaming systems along with Netflix. In fact, Netflix vs. Hulu has become the newest “Microsoft vs. Apple” or “Sonic vs. Mario” or “me vs. runon sentences.” Let’s take a look the the Hulu Plus app for Windows Phones.


    What Is Hulu Plus?

    As I said, Hulu Plus is known for their streaming content. Unlike Netflix, Hulu’s main focus is current TV shows. However, they also have original content, movies, and commercials. Yes, they do have commercials. At least, unless you want to pay more money. And, if you’re anything like me, you’re cool with watching an insurance commercial for the hundredth time if it means not having to spend any more cash.


    How Is The App?

    First of all, I must say the content included in Hulu Plus is pretty substantial. In addition to many current weekly shows, there is a great amount of shows I haven’t seen in ages such as Sonic Boom and Sonic X. Hopefully this means Sonic Underground is coming soon. Did I mention I like Sonic? The app itself works pretty well, although I did have some trouble attempting to skip around. However, that may have been due to some kind of internet issue. Or my lack of patience. Either way.


    The Bottom Line

    Needless to say, there’s a reason that Hulu is such a huge name in the streaming world. Besides the good amount of content, the app is pretty easy to use and offers plenty of suggestions. Overall, it's a worthy contender to Netflix that deserves a look.

  • How To Use GoodReads (iOS)

    How To Use GoodReads (iOS)

    I can admit that I’m not very good at reading. Not in the sense that I’m not great at the actuall “reading” part. Even if I don’t proofread these articles. (Note to self: take that out later.) What I mean is I have a terrible habit of starting a book, getting halfway through, and forgetting all about it. However, maybe there’s an app that can help me out with that. Maybe. On an unrelated note, today I’m reviewing GoodReads for iOS devices.


    What Is GoodReads?

    GoodReads is a bit of a difficult app to explain as I’ve never quite used anything like it. The main objective of the app is to help you discover new books to read that fit your personal preferences. So, for me, lots of comic books with lots of explosions. They just make for good reads, you know?


    How Do You Use It?

    You begin using the app by selecting some of your favorite genres, such as Romance or Science Fiction. From there, you rate twenty different books you’ve read, which may seem like a daunting task at first. Until you remember there were seven Harry Potter books. After you’ve reviewed your books, you will have selections ready to read in the future. Additionally, you can add to your “to read” section to choose what you want to check out in the future. Which, for me, again, includes plenty of comic books with plenty of explosions.


    How Is It?

    GoodReads works well on a few different levels. On the one hand, you get to find new books recommended for your tastes, kind of the way music apps or Netflix will give you recommendations. Additionally, you get a main hub to know what books you’ve already read. So it’s kind of like a librarian in your mind that knows what you’ve already read and suggests new books for you. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

  • How To Use Cute Note (Android)

    How To Use Cute Note (Android)

    Cuteness is something we’re pretty spoiled about in the internet age. While in the olden days you could go weeks without seeing so much as an adorable kitten, now you can see one in a tiger costume at the click of a button. Which is incredible, really. And another great byproduct of the internet age: being able to cute up everything else in our lives. Like, say, note taking apps. Cute note taking apps? That’s exactly what Cute Note for Android devices is! Let’s take a look at it.


    What Is Cute Note?

    As the name implies, Cute Note is an app that combines the tried and true way of taking notes and attempts to cute it up a bit. I have long been a loyal user of Google Keep, but have noticed that while it is an amazing note taking application, there’s a pretty distinct lack of cuteness. Does that make Cute Note the superior app? Well, you’ll have to wait for the dramatic conclusion, won’t you?


    How Do You Use It?

    Like most standard note apps, you begin by hitting the “plus sign” button. You can begin writing your note right away. But then the real fun begins: customizing your note for premium cuteness. You can press the letters for different font sizes and the various heart and bear buttons to give yourself an adorable little template to take notes on. You can also make a to-do list, but I found it to be lacking in cute options. So I’m sticking to the memos.


    Should You Get It?

    If you’re tired of the same boring-looking notes, you should definitely give Cute Note a shot. While the to-do option could use a bit of a cuteness upgrade, the main memos will definitely fill your cuteness quota. Additionally, there’s even a few Batman and Spiderman styled note templates. While I can’t comment on how legal that is, it’s still a nice touch.

  • Fun Facts For You Windows Review

    Fun Facts For You Windows Review

    Everybody loves a good fun fact. Whether you hear something that makes you think or just need a way to pass the time, it’s good to get a bit of interesting info. For example, did you know that 91% of people lie regularly? Although, if that’s true, isn’t there only a 9% chance of me telling the truth. Did I just blow your mind? Well now you can get fun facts for you with the Windows Phone app Fun Facts For You. I have no idea how they got the name though.


    What Is Fun Facts For You?

    Fun Facts For You is a randomizer for various fun facts. You simply need to tap the button to get a brand new fun fact and it comes to you. In addition, there’s the “Good Question” button, which you can press to get a philosophical or otherwise interesting question. And that’s really it, there’s not too much else to the app. So...on to the next section!


    How Is The App?

    I must say I love the idea of having an app to give you some interesting tidbits you never knew before. And it works as an excellent conversation starter as well! After all, think of all the interesting topics that can be mined from the fact that 45% of people believe in ghosts. However, there is one problem with the app - it has no personality to it. It’s merely fun facts in unexciting text against an orange background, nothing too terribly flashy.


    The Bottom Line

    While I really like the idea of the app, a few minor tweaks would turn it from “OK” to “great”. Even just changing color each time you choose a new fact would earn it some major points in my book! However, as it is right now, I can only say the app is OK. Not bad. Not great. Just OK.

  • How To Use Spark Art (Windows)

    How To Use Spark Art (Windows)

    Art is definitely a fun pastime. There’s nothing like taking some time off and expressing your artistic side. Even if you’re just drawing stick figures with crayons. (Admit it, we all do it.) However, the world of pens and paper can only take you so far. Plus they cost money. With a smartphone, you can make some pretty interesting pieces of art using free apps. And hey, today we’re reviewing a free art app! Life’s funny that way. Let’s take a look at the Spark Art app for Windows Phones.


    What Is Spark Art?

    Spark Art isn’t your usual art app. While most art apps will give you different colors and paintbrushes and whatnot, Spark Art uses a different kind of art supply: fireworks. Or sparks. Whatever you want to think they are. I just prefer to think they’re fireworks. Because fireworks are awesome.


    How Do You Use It?

    Spark Art is a pretty simple app to use. You can pretty much get drawing away as soon as you open the app and begin making your spark/firework creations. At any point you can tap the little floppy disk button to save your art to your phone and share it with your friends, family, or art teacher that didn’t think you very good at art to show them you’ve improved. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.


    How’s The App?

    Spark Art is one of those creative apps that’s pretty fun to play around with. However, there’s just not enough depth to the app. Don’t get me wrong, I loved making some nice colorful art with the tip of my finger. But there was simply not enough to keep me interested for much longer than a few art pieces. Maybe a few additional backgrounds or even some kind of firework game added in would make the app a bit more entertaining.

  • How To Use Keezy Drummer (iOS)

    How To Use Keezy Drummer (iOS)  

    As somebody that loves playing drums, I can honestly say I’ve never been that much into drum apps. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being able to play drums on the go. But there’s a difference between rocking out with sticks and cymbals and tapping on your phone. However, today’s app is going to be a little bit different. But I’m not going to tell you why just yet. I’m trying to build up some anticipation here. So let’s take a look at the Keezy Drummer app for iOS devices.


    What Is Keezy Drummer?

    The Keezy Drummer app isn’t like most drum apps I’ve tried before. You see, most drum apps will give you a digital drum kit that will produce different sounds based on which drum you tap. However, Keezy Drummer plays the drums for you. You see, it’s more of a “beat maker” than an actual drum simulator. I’ll explain a bit more in the next section.


    How Do You Use It?

    Instead of giving you a digital drum kit, Keezy Drummer presents you with sixteen different dots. Depending on which dots you tap in, a sound will be produced when the beat comes up. In other words, it’s kind of like a much simpler version of GarageBand. Additionally, you can increase the speed by tapping on the diamond in the lower left corner. Between these two options and the variety of sounds, you can create some pretty interesting beats.


    How Is The App?

    I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed Keezy after playing around with it. While it’s not exactly the most refined app for creating drum sounds, it definitely benefits from simplicity. I could even see it being a great way to help make raps and rhymes. If only I was good at those things...

  • Google Earth iOS Review

    Google Earth iOS Review

    I remember when Google   Earth first came out. I was able to zoom in on my house and spin the world around. I also remember pretending I was some ruler of worlds, holding the entire Earth in the palm of my hand. Yeah, I was kind of  weird kid. Anyways, Google Earth was all the rage upon its release. However, that was many years ago. Does it still hold up as an interesting way to view the world, or is it more of a novelty? Let’s take a look at the Google Earth iOS app and find out.


    What Is Google Earth?

    If you never had the simple pleasure of playing around with Google Earth on your school’s computers when you should have been working like I did, allow me to explain. Google Earth gives you a satellite view of the entire Earth, allowing you to zoom down as close as you’d like. Does this mean you can just see iconic landmarks on the app instead of actually going anywhere? Well, probably not. But it’s still pretty darn cool.


    How Is The App?

    While I had not used Google Earth in a very long time, I had a feeling it was just going to be more of a fun app to play around than anything that’s actually practical. I admit, I was wrong on that front. By searching any address/landmark you can easily scroll around and check out an overhead image. However, my favorite feature of the app is easily the many little buttons placed around, which can show you public transportation info and even facts about different landmarks in the area.


    The Bottom Line

    The Google Earth iOS app was a welcome surprise. Since the time that I’ve last used it, they’ve really made it more useful. I could actually see using it as a way to look up info on somewhere to travel. Well, if I ever travelled anywhere.   

  • Sing! Karaoke Android Review

    Sing! Karaoke Android Review

    If I can be totally honest, I love karaoke. Something about being able to put your own specific spin on a song just seems so wonderful. Even if you’re not totally sure what a “vocal key change” is. Not that I need all that fancy singing jargon. But what if you could have all the fun of karaoke in the palm of your hand? And without tons of people in the room listening? Well, then you’d have the Sing! Android app. Will it replace the shower as my favorite place to sing? Let’s find out.


    What Is Sing! Karaoke?  

    Sing! Karaoke is an app that allow you to sing along to all your favorite hits. However, unlike many of the other karaoke outlets on the web (not that I’ve spent way too much time using them or anything), you’re not simply following along with words on the screen. You’re also able to record your own versions and duet with people all over the world. So, instead of singing to a few people in a club, you’re singing to the entire world. No pressure or anything.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, I love the idea that Sing! Karaoke is going for. Beyond just being a simple sing-along app, they’ve made it almost its own social networking site, allowing you to follow fellow karaoke lovers and hear their renditions. However, here’s the only issue I had with the app: unless you’re doing a duet with someone else, it will cost you some money. And, if you’ve read any of my reviews from before, you know I prefer to keep the cash in my wallet.


    The Bottom Line

    While I would have preferred a bit more freedom (the key word being “free”) when it comes to recording your own renditions, I understand that sometimes you have to pay the piper. (Even though that saying makes no sense. When have you ever paid a piper?) If you’re a fan of singing along like I am, Sing! Karaoke is a fun app whether you put down some money or not.

  • Ice Hop Windows Review

    Ice Hop Windows Review

    I feel like I’ve reviewed an inordinate amount of games involving penguins. There was that one game with the penguins in it. And the other game with the penguins in it. And that other one. The point is, I’ve done a lot of penguin-related reviews. All of this is to say that, yes, I’m reviewing another penguin-related game today. I guess I could have just started out with that. Let’s take a look at Ice Hop for Windows devices.


    What Is Ice Hop?

    Ice Hop is a game all about hopping on ice. So, if nothing else, this game has one of the more direct titles I’ve seen in a bit. The game’s story is deep and complex, with many challenges to not only your mind, but your soul as well. You see, you’re a penguin that needs to hop across some ice. Much deeper than any Final Fantasy game I’ve played.


    How Is The Game?

    Ice Hop is, well, how do I put this? It’s not really finished in my mind. You see, while I understand what they were going for, I don’t believe they ever really hammered down the controls. In my understanding, you swipe lightly to hop across one piece of ice and tap harder to jump across two. However, when I actually tried that out, my penguin never made it across. Not once.


    The Bottom Line

    While Ice Hop seemed like it would be a nice, simple game, I never got far enough to really enjoy the game. Most of my time was spent trying to get past that first hole, and it never quite worked out. So either I’m not the extremely talented gamer I’ve always boasted I am or the game just doesn’t work completely right. I’ll just go with the second one.

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