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  • Angry Birds Epic Review

    Have you ever heard of Angry Birds? It’s an obscure little mobile game that not many people have heard of. Oh you mean you’ve heard about it every day of your life for the past five years? I must have been thinking of something else. Yes, Angry Birds is everywhere. And they’ve decided that the tried and true game of flinging birds at pigs isn’t enough (and sounds illegal, if I can be totally honest.) They’ve now decided to dip their foot in the RPG pool. Is it an unforgettably epic quest? Considering it has the word “Epic” in the name, maybe.

    Angry Birds Epic

    The Basics (And I Mean Basic)

    Let’s start with the story. From what I can tell, the birds still hate the pigs and need to defeat them in a different way than just tossing themselves at each other. The game is very much a casual RPG. It has all the usual tropes of the genre, such as swords, wizards, and numbers when you hit people ( a staple of the genre.)  The game cleverly follows the way you drag birds in the classic games, but adapts it for the genre. This actually made the gameplay pretty addicting, something the fine people at Rovio have mastered at this point.

    Angry Birds Epic Review

    All in all, it’s an entry-level RPG. While it has all the usual gameplay aspects, it doesn't do too much to keep you involved. While it was fun swiping around to attack and throw magic at the pigs, there isn’t too much strategy outside of the use of shields. Well, shields and a magic red pepper that gives you more power. The usual.

    Angry Birds Epic Review

    The Thing Is…

    While it can be fun and addictive, it misses one of the fundamental things about an RPG: tedious quests. I know it sounds silly, but what sets apart games like Chrono Trigger is that they aren’t just non stop battling. You also need to talk to townspeople and find magical items. In Angry Birds Epic Quest, you just beat up pigs and upgrade your weapons. Is it that hard to make time to stop the action for some boring errands? I guess I could just go to the grocery store in between levels.

    Angry Birds Epic Review

    How Epic Is Epic Quest?

    Angry Birds Epic Quest can definitely be a fun experience. However, it will be much more fun if it’s your first RPG experience. If you’re a hardcore Angry Birds fan looking for a different way to beat up pigs, this is the game for you. Because of its casual nature, it’s the perfect way to get into the genre before you go downloading Final Fantasy VII on your iPhone. In other words, if you’re not a video game snob like me you’ll have a good time.

  • Can Your Android Phone Replace Your Laptop?

    If there's one thing smartphones have done, it's reduce the need for other things. Mp3 players, cameras, and even flashlights have been replaced by the little rectangle in your pocket. But is it enough to fully replace a computer? I'll tell you, but only if you continue reading.




      If laptops killed phonebooks, then smartphones dug the grave. (Wow, that was dark. I'm sorry. I’ll lighten up the rest of the article.) You no longer need to look through page after page for places to eat when you’re hungry. Your Android device will be equipped with every possible way to Google pizza places near you. After all it is made by, well, Google. So looking up restaurants, locksmiths, and handsome article writers has never been easier. Even deeper research for papers and articles can be done with a bit of navigating around the browser's limitations. And yes, you have permission to reference the articles of handsome article writers.





    Streaming Entertainment

    There are tons of resources available to you when it comes to video and audio streaming. YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify all have great dedicated apps. While Amazon Prime Instant Video is yet to make an appearance on Android phones, I imagine it won't be too terribly long. However, you may miss out on some sites where the content is exclusive, such as web shows and podcasts without dedicated apps. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too. (Although, why would you get the cake in the first place if you weren’t going to eat it?)






    This is where the road gets a bit bumpy. The amount of productivity you can achieve on your phone depends on what exactly you need to do. (Especially with something as complex as video editing.) If you just need to take some notes, that's no problem. But if you're looking to fully write and edit documents, it may be a bit tougher. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of office apps available. But, unless your Android phone has a keyboard, (what it this, 2006?) you won't be able to type and edit the way you could with a standard keyboard and mouse. While the Android's Swype feature makes it much easier, you may still find it tough to type quickly. Unless you’ve got more than one hand, in which case high five. To all your hands.


    Bottom Line

    While your Android device is capable of plenty, it may never be able to match the abilities of a laptop. However, for casual users simply looking for a way to watch cat videos and Google how to find more cat videos, a phone or tablet will do the trick. However, if you’re looking at more expansive writing, editing, and even video work, a laptop will be needed. Or you can forget all the technology and just enjoy nature. Just kidding - unless the nature you’re going to has WiFi.

  • myREWARDS are HERE!

    myREWARDSWe've been busy little bee's at mySCREEN working on a little secret undercover project - myREWARDS.

    myREWARDS is our way of saying thanking for choosing mySCREEN - and showing you our appreciation by giving something back.

    Here are just a few of the exciting REWARDS you can earn by simply choosing mySCREEN:

    • $5 off your next purchase just for signing up and completing your profile!
    • 1 point for every dollar you spend at myscreen which goes towards fabulous discounts and offers
    • Earn 50 points just for referring your friends and family to mySCREEN - it's so easy to do!

    Here's how to join:

    Joining myREWARDS is easy and can be done a couple of different ways:

    On Facebook

    1. Visit our Facebook page and click the "myREWARDS" tab
    2. Click the "Sign-up to Join" button
    3. Enter your details
    4. Click the "Join to get $5 off" button

    That's it! you're now part of the mySCREEN family.

    In store

    You can also sign up in store by simply telling one of our friendly team members your Name and email address during the checkout process.

    Checking your points balance and redeeming your rewards

    Checking your points balance and seeing what rewards you've unlocked is easy! Here are a few ways to do that:

    Each reward has a unique code - Simply quote your code with your next purchase to redeem your reward.

    You can even save your coupons in your apple wallet for fast easy access.

  • The new mySCREEN blog is here! logo white lettersWe finally did it - The new mySCREEN blog is LIVE!!

    Over the coming months, we're going to be posting a heap of new original content, everything from tips and tutorials to app reviews, latest smart tech devices and more.

    We also want to hear from you - tell us what you'd like to see - whether it's tutorials on how to setup your device, info on the best productivity apps or reviews on the latest apps - we want to know what you want to know!!

    Let  us know on Facebook or leave a comment here and we'll do our best to bring you the content you ask for.

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