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  • How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

    How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

    Drawing apps are generally a bit of a mixed bag. You see, while drawing on a regular computer can be enhanced by using intricate Photoshop tools and a mouse, drawing with your fingers tends to be a bit on the difficult side. You especially know this if you’ve ever tried to play the addictive (yet very difficult on a tiny phone) game Draw Something. However, is there an app that can make drawing on phones just the slightest bit easier? I’m not sure. I haven’t begun reviewing this one yet. Let’s take a look at Sketch N Go for Android devices.


    What Is Sketch N Go?

    Sketch N Go is, at a glance, your basic drawing app. Most of these kinds of applications will generally have a very Microsoft Paint kind of feeling to them, with a few basic tools for drawing and editing. But how do you use such an app? Well, let’s find out! In the next section! Right now!


    How Do You Use It?

    As soon as you start up the app, you’re presented with a blank sheet of paper. From there, you may tap the settings button in the top left to change up your color or brush. Additionally, you can choose to save the drawing to your device or even share it through texting or social media.


    The Bottom Line

    Sketch N Go is one of the better drawing apps I’ve reviewed. While it still suffers from the fact that it’s difficult to use as a mobile drawing app, there’s definitely some good alternatives for basic drawing. For example, certain brushes allow you to draw with full shapes, meaning you can create intricate pieces of art that look much less sloppy than your usual mobile drawing app. And in case I didn’t make it clear enough, mobile drawing apps are hard to get precise. (But Sketch N Go does it pretty well.)

  • Forest Android Review

    Forest Android Review

    To be totally honest, I’m not very good at maintaining focus. In a world of so many things to do, so many things to see, and so many games of Super Mario Run I should be playing (hold on, I’ve gotta do a quick playthrough before finishing this sentence), it's not very easy to stay focused. However, while our devices are very good at distracting us, they’ve also got ways of keeping us pretty focused. After all, there has to be some balance, right? Well, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Forest app for Android devices.


    What Is Forest?

    Forest is an app where you grow a forest. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, allow me to explain with a bit more depth. You see, the app begins with you planting a simple tree. From there, a timer begins. If you begin using your phone for anything else, the tree dies. And, just to increase the guilt a little bit more, it actually asks you if you’re OK with letting the tree die before you give up. Man, they really know how to tug at the heartstrings.


    How Is The App?

    I must say, this is a pretty ingenious idea for an app. The creators clearly knew that people have a bit of a tough time staying focused with these devices of infinite entertainment, so they created a way to essentially guilt you into not using your phone. Pretty forward thinking, really.


    The Bottom Line

    While I’m usually pretty good about staying off of my phone when I’m trying to get some work done (or I was before Super Mario Run came out), I can totally see why people would be interested in this app. Not only does it make you feel bad if you quit too early, it makes you feel great as you grow your little forest. And, while I've never grown a real forest, I imagine it feels pretty darn good.

  • Crossy Heroes Windows Review

    Crossy Heroes Windows Review

    Ever since the release of Crossy Road, it seems like everyone wants to create their own version of the game. By which I mean completely ripping off the art style and name. This has led to numerous knockoffs that try to play and look like Crossy Road without all the wonderful charm. Is today’s game another example of that? Let's find out. Let’s take a look at Crossy Heroes for Windows devices.


    What Is Crossy Heroes?

    When you first hear the name Crossy Heroes, you likely expect a straight up ripoff of the classic Crossy Road game...but with superheroes. And, to be fair, that sounds pretty awesome. However, that’s not exactly what we have here. Instead, you’re in the middle of a stage and swipe up, down, left, or right to fight enemies. So you’re not exactly crossing anything…


    How Is The Game?

    Crossy Heroes is actually quite an interesting game. Because it doesn’t straight up rip off Crossy Road, it doesn't seem like a totally shameless ripoff. However, because that’s the case, they should have called it something different so they wouldn’t draw that comparison at all. Oh well. But we should also talk about the characters. Because they obviously can’t use real copyrighted superheroes, they had to create their own. And boy are they interesting. You have the Batman lookalike named “Bad Man In Black”, the Iron Man lookalike named “Major Copperman” and then there’s “Pancake Cook”. Yep. Pancake Cook.


    The Bottom Line

    While the game does lose some points for its mild similarities to Crossy Road, I give it credit for trying something original. The characters, while pretty strange, are actually pretty unique, as besides the Batman and Iron Man lookalikes, all other characters are totally original. Even though from now on I’m totally calling Batman “Bad Man In Black”. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

  • Cool Things To Ask Siri

    Cool Things To Ask Siri

    Let’s be honest, Siri is totally awesome. Having an essential digital assistant with you at all times can be extremely helpful. Even if most people just use Siri to basically Google things for them. But there’s so much more that you can do! The potential of Siri goes far beyond just asking what major celebrities were born on the same day as you. (For the record, it’s Cher for me.) So let’s take a look at some more things Siri can do at the push of a button.


    The Basics

    We’ve all been in the situation where we’re trying to make some kind of decision but simply can’t find a coin or dice to figure it out. Well, Siri has come to the rescue! Simply asking Siri to roll some dice or flip a coin for you will immediately get you an answer. Just don’t try one of those 64-sided dice from Dungeons and Dragons. Trust me, I tried.


    Other Things

    Beyond such simple tasks, you can also do a lot of hands-free commands, allowing you to complete many objectives on your device without having to so much as look at it. For example, telling Siri to set an alarm for a certain time will do just that. You can even post on social media by telling Siri to send a Tweet or post a Facebook status.


    The Bottom Line

    While these commands are just scratching the surface of what you can do with Siri, you’ve got to admit that’s pretty incredible. Considering it used to be a hassle to so much as log into Facebook, the fact that you can now just tell your phone to post what you’re thinking whenever you’d like is truly remarkable. My only complaint so far is that Siri can’t cook and serve delicious bacon. Perhaps once iOS 11 comes around...

  • Weird "New + Rising Apps" For Windows Phones

    Weird "New + Rising Apps" For Windows Phones

    I’ve chronicled time and time again how Windows Phone has some, to put it lightly, strange apps available. From apps that are literal copy/pastes of already released Pokemon titles to games about rampaging grandmothers, there’s no shortness of oddities on the old Windows Store. However, something I’ve only recently noticed mirroring this is some of the strange apps that pop up in the “New + Rising Apps” section. Prepare yourself, people. It’s about to get a little strange.


    What’s Going On?

    Normally, the “New + Rising” section of any app store is a place to highlight some of the big up-and-comers in the world of mobile applications. Whether they’re games that have become much more popular or even just some updates or sequels of older apps, it’s usually a section to find something that’s, well, new and rising. Well, that’s not exactly the case for Windows Phones. Allow me to explain.


    Wait, What?

    Just by scrolling around the “New + Rising” section, you start to see some pretty strange apps. It starts with a whole bunch of Snapchat ripoffs, which doesn’t sound too off base at first. But then you see some of the rest, including a whole bunch of apps that claim they can help you download YouTube videos (isn’t that illegal?) to the strangely misspelled “Burger King Cupons”.  And an app simply titled “Make Me Bald.” Sometimes you have to see it to believe it, folks.


    The Bottom Line

    The weird thing is this is hardly shocking news. If you’ve owned a Windows Phone for even a week you know that there’s some pretty odd stuff out there. But, for some reason, the latest batch of “New + Rising Apps” just struck me as especially odd. And made me laugh. Which is a nice bonus. Interestingly enough, I remember seeing a news report that Windows was trying to get rid of all the less desirable apps on the Windows Store. Maybe they just hit the snooze button on it for a bit?


  • Nomie Android Review

    Nomie Android Review

    There are so many things we can do with applications these days. We can now answer any possible question we have, organize our entire lives, and even manage our work schedules all from our mobile devices. And watch Netflix. That may be the most important part. However, there are many things applications can do that we have never even thought of before. Such is the case with today’s app. Which is called Nomie. It’s for Android devices.


    What Is Nomie?

    Nomie is kind of a “mood calendar”. Or is it more of a “mood calculator”? Or even a “mood tracker”. Or maybe none of those things. Or all of those things. Where am I going with this again? The app allow you to track different things you do and whether those things are positive or negative. Additionally, you're able to further track when you did those things throughout the day. That’s some next-level organization, huh?


    How Is The App?

    While it’s definitely not an idea I could have come up with, I believe Nomie to be a really interesting app. The concept alone is very original, and a great way to keep up with things like good deeds or even things you’re trying to do more or less of. Additionally, the app contains many colors and emojis for you to personalize the different activities, adding a great level of charm to the application.


    The Bottom Line

    Nomie is an app that’s very much worth giving a shot. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I believe it’s more than just your regular activity tracker. In fact, it’s kind of an emotional tracker more than anything, allowing you to see how different positive and negative things affect you throughout the day. I’d just better not put an option for “drank coffee”. I’d rather not know how many cups I have in a day.

  • I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden Windows Review

    I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden Windows Review

    Before we get started on today’s review, can we quickly take a look at the title? “I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden” is definitely one of the most interesting game titles I’ve seen in quite some time. And I’ve seen some game titles in my day. Weirdly enough, when I originally downloaded the title, it was called “Vegetables Vs Zombies”. Did they just happen to change the title halfway through to avoid copyright infringement? Anyways, let’s take a look at I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden for Windows Phones. Or Vegetables Vs Zombies. Or whatever you want to call it.


    What Is I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden?

    As you may have gathered from its working title of “Vegetables V Zombies”, I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden is pretty similar to Plants Vs Zombies, the infamously fun and hilarious tower defense-style game. However, how close is it to the actual game? Well, you’ll have to wait for the next section. Just be patient. It will come.


    How Is The Game?

    I must say, my expectations were not high going into this game. Honestly, I was just expecting another stripped down ripoff that’s not as fun as the original. (As you can tell, I’ve been doing this for awhile.) However, while the basic concept is still the same, they found some ways to keep it fresh. Instead of setting down plants to defend yourself, you do more of the work, having to tap the zombies to shoot with seeds or throw tomatoes. Additionally, there’s still some strategy involved, as you must switch between your plants while they recharge.


    The Bottom Line

    While I did not have the highest hopes for this game, I was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay was just different enough to be pretty fresh and fun. Really, they could have just changed up the entire concept and kept the gameplay the same and I’d like it even more. Maybe if it was something like “Fruit Vs Pirates.” I’d totally play that game.

  • How To Use Track Yoga (Android)

    How To Use Track Yoga (Android)

    It always feels nice to download a fitness app. You get a sudden feeling of accomplishment, knowing you’re on a journey to incredible fitness. Well, until you forget about the app and start playing some Trivia Crack. OK, maybe that’s just me. But I imagine I’m not the only person. And perhaps the reason for that is because not all fitness apps share the same level of ingenuity. (Yes, I’ve been reading my dictionary.) However, is Track Yoga for Android devices the app that will change that? You’ll see in a few paragraphs.


    What Is Track Yoga?

    Track Yoga is an app that helps you track yoga. Makes sense to me. Like many similar fitness apps, there are various routines available, along with some tutorials on what to do. However, unlike some fitness apps, these tutorials are in full video, along with soothing music and a calming voice to lead the way. Really helps to open up the old chakras, doesn’t it?


    How Do You Use It?

    Thankfully, Track Yoga is a pretty approachable app. Which is good because yoga is hard enough on its own. You begin by inputting your skill level, from beginner to expert. And yes, you can pretty much guess what I picked. From there, you choose the routine you’d like to do, with certain options catered to first timers and others geared toward stress relief. Additionally, you can change the music by pressing the settings button at the top right of any video.


    The Bottom Line

    Track Yoga is definitely one of the better fitness related apps I’ve seen in awhile. It’s easy to use, has a great interface, and the videos really help to show exactly what you should be doing. Which is good because, as I said before, yoga is hard. And so is finding a great last sentence to end this review.

  • How To Use Old Sport (iOS)

    How To Use Old Sport (iOS)

    I’ve used plenty of different recipe apps in my day. And, yes, they’ve all gone way over my head. After all, I’m still a bit scared to use the stove. And not many recipes call for you to use the microwave. Well, except for those little pizza pockets. I love those things. Anyways, where was I going with this? While I’ve tried out a myriad of different cooking recipe apps, I’ve never tried out any drink recipe apps. Which I’m trying out today. It’s called Old Sport. And it’s for iOS devices. That is all.


    What Is Old Sport?

    Old Sport is a recipe app for making a variety of drinks. Like the many different cooking apps I’ve tried out, it gives you many different recipes along with everything you’ll need in order to make it. However, Old Sport takes a slightly different approach. You see, you begin by checking of all the ingredients you currently have. For example, I began by putting in the only ingredient I have. Which was orange juice. Which I’m almost out of.


    How Do You Use It?

    Like I said, you begin using the app by checking off all the different ingredients you currently have. From there, you’re given a list of different drinks you can make from the given ingredients. And you even get a nice tidbit about the drinks you can make. For example, did you know that it’s called a screwdriver because it used to be stirred with a screwdriver? I don’t know about you but I’ve got my next dinner party topic!


    The Bottom Line

    Old Sport takes the old formula of recipe apps and gives it a much-needed spin. By starting out with checking off your ingredients, you’re able to easily keep track of all the drinks you can make in the palm of your hand. Additionally, the extra tidbit of info you get on the drink gives an extra bit of fun to an already great app.

  • How To Use Bass Tabs By Jellynote (Android)

    How To Use Bass Tabs By Jellynote (Android)

    Over the past few years I’ve gotten really into playing bass guitar. While not as well regarded as the old fashioned electric guitar, bass is a very fun instrument to play. Even if you can’t quite use it to serenade somebody the way you can with an electric guitar. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. We’re here to talk about the Bass Tabs app for Android devices. Which was created by Jellynote. Which is an awesome name.


    What Is Bass Tabs?

    The Bass Tabs app by Jellynote isn’t your usual tab app. While most similar apps will simply show you the tabs to play certain songs, this particular application will actually walk you through how to play them, along with give you a MIDI computerized version of the song to play along to. Which is pretty impressive I must say. Well, considering I need a good amount of hand holding to even play something so simple as Smoke On The Water. We’re not all instant rockstars, OK?


    How Do You Use It?

    Unlike many of the songs I’ve tried to play, using the Bass Tabs app is very simple. You can either scroll through some of the most popular tunes or search for one that you’d like to play. From there, all you need to do is play along as you read the tabs. Or notes, if you actually know how to read notes. Which, as you may expect, I do not.


    The Bottom Line

    The Bass Notes app by Jellynote is something I’d definitely suggest any bass player try out. It’s got a good selection, an interesting interface, and the idea is simply fantastic. Playing along to computerized versions of the songs is also a huge bonus, giving you that extra step to finally play that awesome song that will wake up your neighbors. They just don’t get rock n’ roll.

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