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  • Goodbye, iPhone Headphone Jack

    Goodbye, iPhone Headphone Jack

    If you own an iPhone or aspire to someday own an iPhone, you may have heard that the iPhone 7 is officially the first model of the popular series without the headphone jack. And you also may have been angered by this fact, realizing that your extremely expensive studio headphones are now basically useless the next time you head to the gym. Well, why don’t we just take a minute to talk about this and look at the future of headphone jacks, shall we?



    Wait, What Happened?

    With the iPhone 7 now the next big thing in iOS technology, there is sure to be a lot of talk about the improvements it will make. However, one feature in particular has resulted in quite an uproar: the lack of a headphone jack on the new model. The phone instead can be purchased with Airpods, the new wireless headphones designed by Apple. It’s almost as if Apple wants to make more money or something.



    What Does This Mean?

    The lack of a headphone jack isn’t the worst idea in the world. In fact, it allows for improved design for the device. However, making it a standard on the model instead of simply offering two different types of iPhone 7 with one offering the headphone jack is a bit of a headscratcher. Apple’s done some interesting things in the past that have been bold to say the least. But this move seems more like a cash grab than a true innovation.


    The Future

    Now, just because Apple has decided to delve into the future without a way to plug in your headphones, does that mean other mobile devices will follow suit? Personally, I don’t believe so. Android phones have generally tried to be as user friendly as possible, from never changing their USB to offering plenty of customizability. So does that mean this is the end of Apple phones? Considering nearly everyone I know still has one, somehow I doubt it.

  • How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

    How To Use Sketch N Go (Android)

    Drawing apps are generally a bit of a mixed bag. You see, while drawing on a regular computer can be enhanced by using intricate Photoshop tools and a mouse, drawing with your fingers tends to be a bit on the difficult side. You especially know this if you’ve ever tried to play the addictive (yet very difficult on a tiny phone) game Draw Something. However, is there an app that can make drawing on phones just the slightest bit easier? I’m not sure. I haven’t begun reviewing this one yet. Let’s take a look at Sketch N Go for Android devices.


    What Is Sketch N Go?

    Sketch N Go is, at a glance, your basic drawing app. Most of these kinds of applications will generally have a very Microsoft Paint kind of feeling to them, with a few basic tools for drawing and editing. But how do you use such an app? Well, let’s find out! In the next section! Right now!


    How Do You Use It?

    As soon as you start up the app, you’re presented with a blank sheet of paper. From there, you may tap the settings button in the top left to change up your color or brush. Additionally, you can choose to save the drawing to your device or even share it through texting or social media.


    The Bottom Line

    Sketch N Go is one of the better drawing apps I’ve reviewed. While it still suffers from the fact that it’s difficult to use as a mobile drawing app, there’s definitely some good alternatives for basic drawing. For example, certain brushes allow you to draw with full shapes, meaning you can create intricate pieces of art that look much less sloppy than your usual mobile drawing app. And in case I didn’t make it clear enough, mobile drawing apps are hard to get precise. (But Sketch N Go does it pretty well.)

  • I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden Windows Review

    I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden Windows Review

    Before we get started on today’s review, can we quickly take a look at the title? “I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden” is definitely one of the most interesting game titles I’ve seen in quite some time. And I’ve seen some game titles in my day. Weirdly enough, when I originally downloaded the title, it was called “Vegetables Vs Zombies”. Did they just happen to change the title halfway through to avoid copyright infringement? Anyways, let’s take a look at I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden for Windows Phones. Or Vegetables Vs Zombies. Or whatever you want to call it.


    What Is I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden?

    As you may have gathered from its working title of “Vegetables V Zombies”, I Am Vegend: Zombiegedden is pretty similar to Plants Vs Zombies, the infamously fun and hilarious tower defense-style game. However, how close is it to the actual game? Well, you’ll have to wait for the next section. Just be patient. It will come.


    How Is The Game?

    I must say, my expectations were not high going into this game. Honestly, I was just expecting another stripped down ripoff that’s not as fun as the original. (As you can tell, I’ve been doing this for awhile.) However, while the basic concept is still the same, they found some ways to keep it fresh. Instead of setting down plants to defend yourself, you do more of the work, having to tap the zombies to shoot with seeds or throw tomatoes. Additionally, there’s still some strategy involved, as you must switch between your plants while they recharge.


    The Bottom Line

    While I did not have the highest hopes for this game, I was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay was just different enough to be pretty fresh and fun. Really, they could have just changed up the entire concept and kept the gameplay the same and I’d like it even more. Maybe if it was something like “Fruit Vs Pirates.” I’d totally play that game.

  • Drancia Android Review

    What is it that’s so appealing about battling with monsters? If you look at most movies, fairy tales, and video games, it seems like the entire mission is simply to battle some evil monsters. It’s never about talking about the issues in a calm, peaceful manner with the monsters and figuring things out in a civilized fashion. I suppose, to be fair, that wouldn’t make for a very fun game.. Anyways, where was I going with all of this? Oh yes, I’m writing a review of Drancia for Android devices. It’s about battling monsters. In case you couldn’t tell.



    The Basics

    Just from looking at the game, you can tell there’s going to be a heavy emphasis on retro-ness. If that’s a word. The graphics have that great mixture of classic and modern appearance, letting me fuse feelings of personal nostalgia with my never-ending love of games. Wow, that was pretty poetic.



    The Gameplay

    I’m not exactly sure how to explain what Drancia is. You see, the game is all about battling monsters, collecting loot, and upgrading your powers. You’re moving nonstop, meaning it’s up to you to control directions, dashing, and jumping. And really, that’s about it. You simply choose your character and get battling. And what characters are available? Well, you’ve got a pretty wide arrangement, from swordsman to witch to bear. Yes, that’s right. Bear. Is it to early to give this game a perfect score?



    Is It Fun?

    From the moment I started up Drancia I was having a great time. The simple gameplay works really well, as you’re not simply mashing buttons to battle your enemies. It really reminded me of those classic arcade “beat ‘em ups”, where your sole mission is to battle and survive. Additionally, there’s a surprising amount of depth in the different characters available. Each one has unique stats and plays differently, meaning each runthrough will feel fairly fresh. Although, as I said, the bear is my favorite. His weapon is a fishbone after all.



    The Bottom Line

    Drancia may just be one of my favorite Android games I’ve played so far. Everything about it is fairly simple, and I wholeheartedly believe that works to its advantage. It’s one of those games that’s perfect to shut off your mind and relax while playing. Even though, while relaxed, you’ll be obliterating hordes and hordes of incoming monsters. Isn’t that how everybody relaxes?

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