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Apps That Will Kill Your Battery Android

Apps That Will Kill Your Battery (Android)

We’ve all been there. You charged your phone to 100%, decided to go for a walk, and looked at your phone to see it’s already down to 5% How did this happen so fast? All you did was check your text messages and watch that video of the cat that plays keyboard. (A true classic.) Well, while you can curse the phone all you want, there may be a reason your battery percentage disappeared. There’s a few apps that will quickly take away your battery life, and we’re taking a look at some of the worst offenders today.



The Worst Of The Worst

The main offender is, unsurprisingly, the app we all open way too often: Facebook. While you may just want to see your friends humble bragging about their workout routines, you’re also doing something much more sinister: KILLING YOUR BATTERY. You monster! Don’t you realize that with every one of your friend’s baby pictures you try to scroll by, you’re also sapping the life force from your phone’s battery? For shame.



Other Offenders

While Facebook may have the roughest impact on your battery life, there are plenty of others that will have you awkwardly walking around the party asking for a charger. Google Maps, for example, can easily help you find the place you’re going to. But once you get there, your battery may be too drained to find your way back. And while you may want to take a picture of your lunch and post it to Instagram, just keep in mind that your sandwich isn’t the only thing that will be eaten. You know, because your battery will get eaten up as well.



The Bottom Line

While these and more apps will drain your battery, there are still ways to ensure you won’t be caught in the horrific situation of being left without a phone. Keeping your brightness down as much as possible will definitely help, as well as turning off your WiFi when you’re not connected Or not playing Candy Crush for 3 straight hours. Whatever works for you.

Beware: These Android apps will drain your phone's battery