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Are Paid Android Apps Really Worth It?

“Oh, it costs $.99? Nevermind”

-Everybody that’s ever owned a device

If you own a smartphone, chances are you have a bevy of apps. And chances are most of those apps are free. And with good reason! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve perused the Google Play Store to leave with handfuls of free apps. Some useful, some definitely not. (I’m looking at you, Bruh Button)

Most of these free apps will either make their profits through ads or the dreaded in-app purchases. However, sometimes we all feel the temptation to check out the “Paid” section of the Google Play Store to see what people actually pay for. So let’s take a look at what apps people buy and if it’s worth it.



In the “Top Paid” section of the Google Play Store, I’ve noticed that most of the apps available are games. From Final Fantasy to Minecraft, tons of games are available for various prices. In my many years of Android usage, I have purchased one game: Monopoly. It’s made quite a few of those bus rides go by a lot quicker. And I’ve become a champion of Park Place. So I can honestly say I’ve gotten my money’s worth. I’d say most paid games are going to be that way. It all comes down to how much you want to play Sonic The Hedgehog on your phone.




If you’re like me, assisting productivity may be worth shelling out a few bucks for. The only productivity app I’ve paid for, the Writing Challenge app, has been very useful. However, the rest of the paid productivity apps are a total mixed bag. Everything from notepads to battery savers and even calculators were available. While each had their own particular benefits, I personally could not see myself purchasing them. As a true cheap college graduate who no longer uses math, I can get by without spending three dollars on a calculator app. But that’s just me.



Alarm Clocks?!

That’s right, alarm clocks. For all the games that are popularly purchased, there’s a few alarm clocks throughout as well. While this may sound pretty unbelievable, there are a few apparent benefits to these paid alarm clocks. For example, the $1 Sleep Cycle app actually analyzes your sleep while also performing alarm duties. And then there’s other paid alarm clocks whose only apparent benefit seems to be a built-in weather function. No comment.



You Get What You Pay For

The quality of your apps will depend on the looseness of your wallet. If you want a well-rounded application with no ads or paywall, the option is there. However, there are plenty of free options on Google Play. Games, productivity apps, and especially alarm clocks are free and rampant. If you’re okay with sacrificing a little quality and seeing some insurance ads, just go freebie. There’s no shame either way.