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Colossatron Android Review

Sometimes a name can truly tell you everything you need to know about what you're about to experience. Like that movie 13 Going On 30, which told you exactly what happens during the course of the film. You know, the one where that girl was 13 and then she was 30. Surprisingly that’s the first time I’ve referenced that movie during the course of my app reviews. Anyway, let me get to the point. Other times, there’s a name that tells you more than that. And also tells you how amazing the game will be. A name such as…Colossatron. Just say that to yourself. You know something interesting is coming when it sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. So let’s take some time to review this game. It’s for Android devices. That is all.



The Basics

One thing I can definitely give credit to Colossatron for is the production values. The game opens with fully voiced and animated television announcement. Everything looks and sounds great, like a real news announcement would look. Or at least I think. I don’t really ever watch the news.



The Gameplay

So here’s what happens in Colossatron: a giant dragon robot named Colossatron (man, that even feels cool to type) is destroying the city of….somewhere. So you must be wondering exactly what your role in this game is. Do you defend the city from the destructive dragon robot? No. You play AS the destructive dragon. However, you don’t really control Colossatron as much as you add different robotic pieces to it. I bet you didn’t see that coming.



Is It Fun?

I wish I could say I had a good time playing Colossatron. However, the gameplay itself turns out to be a bit on the boring side. There’s all this setup for this giant robot that will inevitably destroy everything in its path. And instead of controlling this beast you’re relegated to attaching more pieces to the robot while the actual destruction is taken care of for you. Is it too much to ask to simply be in control while I conduct a rampage of incredible proportions?



The Bottom Line

There was a lot of things that looked promising about Colossatron. The production values seemed very intriguing. The concept was great. There was a GIANT ROBOTIC DRAGON in it. But, unfortunately, that all goes out the window when your sole job is to add more pieces to Colossatron. Maybe in Colossatron 2 you’ll at least be able to steer the dragon. Maybe.