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Dash Quest Android Review

One game series I haven’t talked about in my reviews before is The Legend Of Zelda. The game series, which has been very popular for years, never quite meshed with me. You see, the games require a bit of patience, problem solving, and puzzle management. And those are three things that exhaust me just to write. However, I do remember playing The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past in my youth. And I wasn’t very good at it. So what happens if you take the gameplay of A Link to The Past and make it much, much simpler? You get Dash Quest for Android devices. See, that rant actually had a point.



The Basics

By hearing the title of Dash Quest, what comes to mind? A restaurant simulator where you must go on a quest to deliver toast to your customers while dashing? A puzzle game where you match three characters named Dash as you go on an ultimate quest to battle his mortal enemy, known as Slash? Is it what happens when you mix an endless runner with The Legend Of Zelda? Yes. That one.



The Gameplay

Like I said in my overlong, over informative opening, the game plays similarly to that of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Everything is from a top-down perspective, the graphics are similar, and you can even wear that green outfit and elf hat thing that Link from Zelda wears. You know the thing.



Is It Fun?

Dash Quest definitely has an interesting concept. While most endless runners are all about jumping on platforms and avoiding enemies, the game is more about annihilating everything in your path. While this is an interesting idea, it doesn’t quite have enough depth to make it all that much fun. You can’t even move side to side, meaning all you really have to do is keep hacking and slashing without even looking at your phone. Which was actually nice for me because I’m not good at paying attention in the first place.



The Bottom Line

While I can commend Dash Quest for taking elements from Zelda without being a total knockoff, it simply doesn’t add enough to make it all that much fun. While I did enjoy the addition of boss battles, the rest of the game was just me mashing the sword swinging button. I know it’s called the attack button, I just prefer calling it the sword swinging button.