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Doodle Planes Android Review

It must be difficult to create your own iconic appearance for a game. I mean, I’m no game designer, and I never will be. But I am a reviewer, meaning I can make any bold statement I want with little to no repercussion. Therefore, I believe I can honestly say that I haven’t seen too many games where the appearance stuck with me. Many of them go for the 8 bit look, while others go for the blocky Minecraft appearance. While this may sound like a negative, it makes it so that when a game has an appearance that is new and different, it sticks with you. Much like Doodle Planes for Android devices. How’s that for a segway?



The Basics

The title Doodle Planes explains what the game is pretty well. After all, there are planes. And everything is drawn in doodle form. So it’s pretty honest. Most of the games I’ve played with aircraft in the past have been on-rails shooting games where you battle other ships. Doodle Planes? An on-rails shooting game where you battle other ships. Well, kind of. You see, there’s not as much of the whole shooting part. Allow me to explain in the Handy Dandy Gameplay Section, brought to you by me.



The Handy Dandy Gameplay Section

Like I said, Doodle Planes is all about battling other ships. Well, you only really battle enemy ships towards the end of certain levels. All the other ships and obstacles you simply need to avoid while collecting stars. The only real battling you do is during boss battles where, depending on your ship type, you’ll attack with a variety of weapons.



Is It Fun?

Doodle Planes is a fun little flight game with a few minor problems. As I said, the game focuses heavily on avoiding other obstacles, only letting you use your weapons every once in awhile. Various times during the game I was ready to shoot at obstacles only to remember that you can’t shoot whenever you want and run directly into them. Does that mean I’d like the game to be more violent? Yes. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.



The Bottom Line

While it could use more action, Doodle Planes is a pretty good experience. The paper and pen graphics make it very memorable, and the controls are pretty tight for the most part. Just a few more opportunities to explode the things in front of you is all that I ask.