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How To Use You Tube Music Android

How To Use YouTube Music (Android)

I still remember when I first heard of YouTube. It was the early days of the website when all that was available were extremely low quality homemade movies and extremely low quality cat videos. Who would have thought it would grow into its own online universe of high quality homemade movies and high quality cat videos? Well, it’s even expanded into the realm of music, as it is now the main hub to look for music videos. YouTube recognized how popular music was becoming on the website and released a separate app mainly dedicated to enjoying your favorite tunes. Is it worth a look? Let’s find out.



What Is YouTube Music?

Now, before I begin, I should be absolutely honest: I am a frequent user of both the YouTube app and the Google Play Music app. YouTube Music seems to strive to be somewhere in between, a way to get the best of video and audio all in one place. So it’s the best of both worlds. Just like Hannah Montana prophesied. That’s the first thing I’m going to listen to on YouTube Music.



How Do You Use It?

Once you sign in, you have a good amount of options available to you. You can choose from a number of pre-determined stations such as Pop Music or Heavy Metal or search for your desired artist/song. You can easily toggle between watching the music video or switch to audio-only mode, giving you flexibility.



Should You Get It?

Like I said, I use both YouTube and Google Play Music quite a bit. So theoretically this would be the ultimate app for me, right? Well, unfortunately, I didn’t really feel a need for it. I use YouTube more for entertainment than music videos and I use Google Play Music more for albums and podcasts. If you’re more into the big hits and enjoy watching music videos as well, YouTube Music may be right for you. Plus they do have a pretty cool logo. Which is nice.