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Hunter Adventurer Android Review

Ahh – back to something I haven’t done in a while (or maybe just a few weeks) – Mario ripoffs! Yes, my time reviewing apps has seen no shortage of apps trying to mirror the adventures of the iconic overall-wearing mustachioed plumber. And the quality has ranged in fun from quite playable to the equivalent of watching paint drying on freshly growing grass. Whoa, that got really specific. The point is, while some of the Mario ripoffs have been OK, others have been painful to play. Where does Hunter Adventurer for Android devices rank on that list? I’m not sure. I only just started the review.



The Basics

Now while I’m reviewing the game on its own, I’d also like to delve into how much it takes from the Mario games. In other words, is this a mostly original game in which there’s simply a few pipes that look like they’re from the original Super Mario Bros games? Or is it a game that throws plenty of ripped off Mario-looking things at you, hoping that you’d forget that you’re not playing as Mario? Considering the thumbnail for the game on the Google Play Store literally features a picture of one of the Mario Bros, I’d say probably the latter.



The Gameplay

Hunter Adventurer places you in the shoes of…um… Hero… Boy? I’m not sure what his name is. Well, they put you in the place of what looks like a young boy dressed in an offbrand Mario Halloween costume. Much like the Mario Bros games, all you need to do is jump, hit blocks, avoid enemies, and get to the end of the level. Wow, it’s almost as if they were trying to be similar to the Mario games.



Is It Fun?

The more I played around, the more I realized there was nothing original put into the game. Everything looked like cheaper versions of things from Super Mario. The gameplay had almost nothing new added in – right down to the fireballs you throw. If there’s one thing I can praise about Hunter Adventurer it’s the gameplay itself. The controls were pretty well executed, as I felt like I had pretty good control over….Hero…Boy? Whatever his name is.



The Bottom Line

Hunter Adventurer is about as shameless as you can get when it comes to ripoffs. It doesn’t even try to cover up how much of a ripoff it is, right down to using sounds and music from the Mario games. Which I’m pretty sure is the dictionary definition of a ripoff.