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Google Keep Android Perfect Note App

If you’re anything like me, a million random thoughts are due to run through your head every hour or so. Additionally, if you’re like me, most of those thoughts are useless. However, the remaining 1% of thoughts is worth tabbing down. That’s when it’s time to whip out Google Keep: the greatest note app for Android on this planet. Unless they found Google Keep on Mars by the time this is published.


Why I Need Google Keep

Personally, I’m a person that needs a notetaking app for more than just tabbing down random thoughts. As a writer, I need to archive some of these ideas to turn into articles (I’m pretty sure I have a ‘talk about google keep, make good article’ note somewhere). Additionally, I have a long list of bands, books, movies, and shows people tell me to check out. I also have notes for day-to-day reminders and due dates for work. Am I pulling back the curtain too much? Should I try and maintain the mystery of the writing process a bit more?

Now, to qualify myself a little bit, I have had no shortage of note taking apps in the past. Somewhere sprawled across the internet are my Evernote, InkPad, and Notepad + accounts, locked away for eternity because I’m incapable of remembering passwords. And I’m perfectly fine with that, because I have found the Holy Grail of note apps. Only this one won’t melt your face off (or was that the Arc of The Covenant? Have I even seen Indiana Jones?)



A Lovely Look

One superficial reason I enjoy the Google Keep so much is the interface. It kind of looks like an actual board with sticky notes on it, which you can customize by color, add labels, and even input reminder times to pop up on your phone. And, if you finally start that novel you’ve been telling all your friends you’ve been writing as a note and need to switch it to a Google Doc, it’s a simple click away.


Picture To Text

Perhaps one of the coolest features offered by Google Keep is the ‘Grab image text’ option. After uploading an image, simply select the ‘grab image text’ button and any text on the image will be transcribed for you. This is especially useful if you need to quickly copy and paste information from a screenshot.



The Google Connection

Finally, here’s the main reason I enjoy Google Keep: it’s part of your entire Google suite of apps. Remember how I mentioned I can’t remember a password to save my life? Well, I only have to be logged in to my Google account to use Google Keep along with every other Google app (I could geek out for a while on the entire suite I use, but I’ll save that for another article). So, if I can keep this up, I’ll only have to remember one password the rest of my life. Better write it down just in case.