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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • How To Use Voice Notes (Windows)

    How To Use Voice Notes (Windows)

    There have been plenty of things that smartphones have replaced. Everything from mp3 players to flashlights have been made obsolete by our mobile devices. One of the big things replaced by phones is recording devices. No longer shall we require those tape recorders like the one the kid from home alone used. Even if they looked pretty cool. Let’s take a look at the Voice Notes app for Windows Phones.


    What Is Voice Notes?

    Voice Notes is an app that creates, well, voice notes. Which is pretty important if you like taking notes or spying on people. I don’t judge. It can also be great for recording music, which is great if you’re a musician with an acoustic guitar and some lyrics. Or even just a kazoo and some poetry. Music is music in my mind.


    How To Use Voice Notes

    While using a classic tape recorder is pretty simple, using the Voice Notes app isn’t too terribly complex. You can record a new note by tapping the button with the little CD on it. Or donut, if you prefer to think that’s what it is. I know I do. Once you’ve recorded your note, it will be placed under a generic name such as “My Voice”. All you need to do is tap the pencil button to edit the names and organize. Finally, you can tap the options button in the bottom right corner in order to select the “Upload To OneDrive” option. Which, as you could imagine, uploads it to OneDrive.


    The Bottom Line

    The Voice Notes app succeeds greatly in its simplicity. Which, like I said, makes it compare favorably to a classic tape recorder. Recording, renaming, and uploading your voice notes is made very easy by the app. Additionally, the layout is nice and clean, letting you focus on your audio notes.

  • Bear Writer iOS Review

    Bear Writer iOS Review

    Writing apps are in no short supply on the various mobile app stores. It seems like a simple search will bring up approximately 60,000 different writing apps. Now why is this? Is it because there are so many aspiring writer who wish to ditch their pens and paper for an iPhone? Is it because they’re very easy aps to develop? Is it an artistic cry for help, a mobile way of telling us we should be communicating our artistic vision through the written word? I dunno, maybe. But let’s take a look at Bear Writer for iOS devices anyway.


    What Is Bear Writer?

    Bear Writer is, as you can most definitely tell from my intro, an app for writing. Although I guess you could tell from the name of the app as well. But why is it Bear Writer? I mean, for Evernote, the logo is an elephant, which makes sense because elephants can remember so many things. So does that mean bears can...write extensive documents? I don’t know, I’m not a zoologist.


    How Do You Use It?

    Like most writing apps, Bear Writer is very simple to use. After opening up a new document, you can begin typing away on that mystery novel where you’re supposed to believe the butler was a jewel thief when, in fact, it wasn’t the butler at all. It was the maid. (What a twist!) From there, you can easily download/share the document in everything from docx to pdf form by simply hitting the share button. You know, that button that’s the box with the arrow pointing out of it.


    The Bottom Line

    To be totally honest, Bear Writer doesn’t bring a ton of new stuff to the table. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad app at all. In fact, its simplicity makes it arguably one of the better apps for writing. I suppose I’ve just seen so many writing apps that it’s tough to differentiate them at times. However, I must say, being able to save them as a variety of different document types is a nice touch.

  • Alarmmon Android Review

    Alarmmon Android Review

    I’ve seen my fair share of alarm clock apps in my day. From apps that require you to solve math problems to shut off the alarms to apps that just have you hitting the snooze button, there’s no shortage of applications that will get you woken up in the morning. However, there’s been one consistency I’ve seen throughout my time looking at these apps: they have no personality. All of them seem so cold and robotic, when they should be a fun way to wake you up in the morning. Well, apps such as Alarmmon definitely look to change that. Considering the app logo is an adorable looking cat, I’m going to say we’re in for some cuteness.


    What Is Alarmmon?

    Alarmmon is an app that combines waking up in the morning with playing games with cute and adorable creatures. Is that enough of a wonderful combination for you? You see, unlike many other apps, Alarmmon requires you to complete specific “missions” in order to shut them off. So the days of simply hitting snooze and sleeping past your early morning work meetings should be a thing of the past.


    How Is The App?

    In a world of boring alarm clocks, Alarmmon definitely stands out. And not just because of all the cuddly creatures you’ll see. The missions you complete to shut off the alarm are pretty fun and creative. I mean, how many other alarms have you saving a falling chicken from the sky? Didn’t think so.


    The Bottom Line

    If you want to start your day in a more interesting way, I’d say Alarmmon is the way to go. Rather than a boring alarm, you’ll be woken up to adorable animated creatures and a fun minigame. And, if that doesn’t cheer you up during the terribly unfun and daunting task of waking up in the morning, I don’t know what will.






  • How To Use Voice Plus (iOS)

    How To Use Voice Plus (iOS)

    Playing around with your voice can be fun. I’m sure we’ve all had those times where we took an old-fashioned tape recorder and played it really slow to see what it sounded like. Boy, those were the days. Except when the tape would get all messed up. I’m getting off topic, aren’t I? Well, nowadays we can use apps to play around with our voices instead. Apps such as Voice Plus for iOS devices. (Can you see where I’m going with this?) Let’s take a look at Voice Plus for iOS devices.


    What Is Voice Plus?

    Voice Plus is an app for recording and editing your voice. There’s plenty of options for different voice options, with everything from robots to aliens and even Darth Vader. And yes, it’s as awesome as you’d think. In fact, most of the sheer fun of the app comes from using the various voice types available.


    How Do You Use It?

    Voice Plus is a very simple app to use. You simply tap the microphone to begin recording as long as you’d like. From there, you can change around the voice by tapping whatever character is on the screen. From there, you can scroll around and choose whichever voice you want. After you have it in the perfect sound, you can share by tapping the box with that arrow thing at the bottom left of the app. You know, that one thing.


    The Bottom Line

    While it may not be the most productive app, Voice Plus is a fun application to play around with. There’s a good amount of different voices available, meaning there’s a lot of potential fun to be had. You could even technically use it as a voice note app if you’d like. If you prefer to hear notes in alien voices. Which we all do.

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