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Writing Challenge App Review

Like many writers, I have a very difficult time with inspiration. I can work all day and still get nothing done. (Ooh that’s really poetic, I’m writing that down!) Something I’ve taken to doing is a daily writing exercise. Not only has it helped to flex the old writing muscle, it can inspire other writing works.

Something that really helped me commit to the daily writing routine was the Writing Challenge App. I have tried many different writing prompts before, but always found them too restrictive. Sure, I can write a two-page story about dolphins. But will it actually be interesting? Most likely not. The Writing Challenge App helps to add the little extra spice that can make a story more interesting.



Productive And Addictive

While I have struggled in the past to find an app that truly helped me with writing, the Writing Challenge was supremely helpful. I found myself sitting in coffee shops writing for hours. Using the app is very simple, you simply hit ‘Start’ and you’re off! You are given a quick prompt with a 60 second time limit. After the time is up, the next “step” gives you something to add to the story. However, if you find the suggestion doesn't fit the particular story, you can simply move on to the next step.

And it really works! I found myself writing stories about smoking fish, sarcastic aliens, and gambling pilots. It was an interesting day. And I found myself successfully combating writer’s block, a dangerous illness in the writing community.




Customizable Challenges

There’s also plenty of ways to customize your challenge. While I prefer to do the standard one step per minute challenge, (what can I say? I’m a purist!) there are many ways to go about it.  You can extend the number of steps up to 50 and increase the number to 10 minutes between steps. Or you can go at your own pace, having no time between steps at all. It really boosts your creativity when you are able to experience your challenge at your own pace.

Very Inexpensive

Let me get one thing straight before we go any further: the app does cost money. (Gasp!)  I know even 99 cents seems like 99 dollars to many app users. However, the Writing Challenge is a one-time payment of $1.89. To put that in perspective, it’s less expensive than most late night fast food runs. And much, much better for you.



Goodbye, Writer’s Block

When it comes to writing, I am very lazy. See? Even that sentence seemed lazy. However, the Writing Challenge app helped me with my daily writing routine, and I feel much better for it. And it may or may not have inspired a few future stories. (Those smoking fish and sarcastic aliens will return in Writing Challenge App Review 2: The Reckoning.) For the price of a cheeseburger, I’d say that’s worth it. Although personally, I’m happy having both.

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