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3D Pac Farm

Let me get something very straight: I love Pac Man. The games are really fun and addictive, he’s a classic gaming icon, and I love that little noise he makes whenever he eats something. (It sounds like “wakka wakka wakka”.) Plus, I just love anyone else that eats as much as me. Or nearly as much as me. Well, perhaps you’re looking for a similar experience to Pac Man on your Windows phone. And maybe you want it to feature a cow. Well, then, this is the game for you. Let’s take a look at 3D Pac Farm for Windows phones.



The Basics

As you can tell from the name and my clumsy intro paragraph, 3D Pac Farm is a very Pac Man-like experience. And it doesn’t seem to have any shame in that. In fact, the thumbnail for the game in the Windows store had a picture of Pac Man and two ghosts on it. (I’m just going to take it they have a very strong legal team.) And the gameplay is also very similar. But I’ll get into that deeper in the “Gameplay” section. Because that’s the section about gameplay.



The Gameplay

Like I said, it’s very much like Pac Man. However, there’s quite a few twists put in. First, it’s all in 3D and at an angle, which I found to be a great addition to the classic top down view of classic PacMan. Secondly, the levels are much longer and larger, requiring a different kind of strategy for the game. Thirdly, you play as a cow that collects…coconuts. No comment.



Is It Fun?

3D Pac Farm threw in a lot more originality than expected. At first glance, I thought it’d be some low-budget copy and paste of classic Pac Man that was one lawyer call away from mysteriously disappearing from the Windows Store. Instead, it was a pretty fun experience with a few twists put in. For example, the enemies aren’t all the same like you see in Pacman. In 3D Pac Farm, you battle orcs, zombies and…also ghosts, but each have their own patterns and styles. So, again, not a total ripoff.



The Bottom Line

3D Pac Farm shows you that looks can be deceiving. Looking at the app thumbnail and name, I didn’t expect too much. But 3D Pac Farm threw in just enough to make it a pretty original experience. Let’s just hope that holds up in court for them.

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