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A Garage Band Alternative For Android Phones

GarageBand is very fun. We’ve all either tried out our very own version of the application or would constantly borrow our friend's computer to play around on it. (Guess which one I did?) It’s simply a blast to try and make your own songs and pretend you’re a big shot music producer with a big gold chain that drinks that fancy bottled water. You know, that water that comes in the fancy bottles. Anyways, what if you would still like to experience the joys of GarageBand without the whole “paying a lot more for an Apple product” thing? Well, there just might be an alternative. An alternative I’m going to talk about right now.



What Is GarageBand?

For those who have never known the simple joy of creating your own digital music, GarageBand is a Mac/iPhone application that allows you to, well, create your own digital music. You can do this in a number of ways, either by playing around on a virtual instrument or dragging pre-recorded loops to create your own tune. But, to be honest, I only did the second one. Trying to play an instrument with a mouse and keyboard is about as easy as it sounds. Which is not easy at all. I guess I could’ve just said that.



Does Walk Band Do The Same Thing?

Walk Band is fairly similar to GarageBand. A free app for Android devices, Walk Band has many of the same features as GarageBand, such as the use of loops and the ability to record yourself playing virtual instruments. The only real difference is the amount of content, as GarageBand features many more different loops. Although that is to be expected because, you know, the whole free thing.



Should You Get Walk Band?

This may sound a bit confusing, but Walk Band is almost the polar opposite of GarageBand. Let me explain. You see, while GarageBand’s greatest feature is the use of loops, Walk Band shines when it comes to playing the actual instruments, as it’s much simpler on a screen using your fingers. So if you prefer using your fingers to play instruments, Walk Band is right for you. Wait, don’t you technically need fingers to play any instrument? Whatever. Review over.

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