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Altos Adventure Android Review

Is there anything that matches the excitement and wonder of going on an adventure? The enthralling idea of going out and experiencing something new? Well, I can think of a lot of things. Like not going outside at all. But that’s not what’s important right now. What’s important is making it seem like I enjoy adventure so that I can write a subpar introduction for the Alto’s Adventure Review. Speaking of, let’s take a look at Alto’s Adventure for Android devices.


The Basics

As I said in my “Fast Like A Fox” review, interesting graphics are not always at the forefront of mobile games. In fact, more often than not, developers seem to go with simpler looking graphics so more effort can be put on the gameplay. While it is definitely a positive to focus on the gameplay of the, you know, games, I believe that an iconic appearance can make a game much more memorable in the player’s mind. Like that thing from that one game. You know, the thing.


The Gameplay

Alto’s Adventure has gameplay that’s surprisingly unoriginal considering the interesting graphics. You’re on a snowboard, trying to catch as many llamas as possible. Yes, you read that right. Llamas. OK, so the graphics and basic concept are original. But the gameplay, not so much. You’ll snowboard down the mountains to catch your various llamas, trying to keep your balance and avoid obstacles along the way. I feel like I’ve seen this quite a few times before. Well, you know, minus the llamas.


Is It Fun?

Alto’s Adventure brings some pretty interesting stuff to the table. For one, it has some of the best graphics I’ve seen on a mobile game. Everything's very shadowed, yet very intricate. I’m no art critic, but I believe this to be some great art. See? An art critic would have something much more descriptive to say. Beyond that, I’ve played games like this before. Using speed and momentum, especially in a game with snowboarding, is nothing I haven’t seen before. However, that by no means make this a bad game. Just a visually appealing game with less than original gameplay. And llamas.


The Bottom Line

Alto’s Adventure is very much like Fast Like A Fox, which I reviewed in the past. Both have great graphics which overshadow the gameplay. However, since both have gameplay styles I’ve seen before, the games are able to focus more on their great graphics than trying to reinvent the wheel. I mean, you’ve already won me over original graphics. No need to overdo it.

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