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Android Now Most Reliable Device

Reliability is a very important feature for any mobile device. While you’re trying to upload that selfie you took with the really good lighting and perfect filter, you want to make sure your phone won’t randomly crash or disconnect from the web. For the longest time, it was thought that iOS was the safest way to go. But is that possibly changing? Is the world as we know it now simply an illusion of what it once was? Is reality itself being torn in half? Well, maybe. Let’s take a look at the future of mobile stability and the smartphone competition alike.



What’s The Deal?

A new report has found that Android devices are now more reliable than iOS. In terms of fail rates for factors such as internet connection and crashing applications, Android is now ahead of the curve. What does this mean in the long run? Well, allow me to explain in my patented “What Does This Mean?” section. It’s very popular with the kids.



What Does This Mean?

It will be interesting to see what this news means for the future of Android devices. Will Android completely overtake iOS and Windows, crowning themselves as the future of all mobile technology? Will iOS then build their own robot army to take on Android, leading to an all out war where mankind is caught in the crossfire? I’d say possibly. That would make a good movie either way though.



The Bottom Line

Considering how intense the battle of mobile technology can be, it’s interesting to see Android make such a huge leap over the competition. While Android fans and iOS fans may continue believing they’ve made the better choice, this will more than likely encourage some frustrated iOS users to make the switch to Android.


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