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Android Q- Everything you need to know!


We don't know the official name of Android Q yet. It is still up for debate. However, we know for sure that it is coming sometime this year. Google has already released several beta versions of Android Q. So, at this point, we have got a peek under the hood and we know a thing or two about some new and upcoming features of Android Q.

As a result, we will be revealing what we know about Android Q in this post. So, if you are ready, then let’s get this underway…


  • System-wide dark mode:

Yes, it is happening! The long awaited ‘Dark Mode’ is coming to Android at last. Google announced that there will be a dark theme (system-wide) option in Android Q. The users will be able to toggle it off or on with a ‘Quick settings’ button (may be straight from the notification bar). Nevertheless, we are happy that Google has listened to the community.


  • The back button is saying Goodbye:

It was a surprise to us. Android Q will not have the famous ‘Back’ navigation button anymore. Now, the ‘Back’ button will be replaced by a side-swipe gesture. In Android Q, you will have to swipe from any either of the sides/edges of your Android phone's screen to go back. Earlier, Google has introduced gesture navigation feature with the release of Android Pie. But, the ‘Back’ button was still there. However, from Android Q the ‘Back’ button is going away.


  • Live Caption (offline and in real time):

This is a brand new feature. With the ‘Live Caption’ feature enabled, you will get real-time captions for any audio and video that is playing on your phone. The best part about this feature is that it doesn’t need any internet access. So, even if you are offline, you will be able to get captions for your media. Yet, there’s a catch here. It is rumored that this awesome feature will only work on a few selected Android device. As it is a new feature, we hope in future it will come in more handsets.


  • Theming Options:

There are a lot of reasons why we love to use Android. However, the capability of customizing our phone the way we like would be on the top of the list, for sure. And, Google is bringing more customization option with the release of Android Q. Although it is not yet official, we have found that you can change the accent color of the entire user interface on Android Q.

At this point, there are only 4 colors to choose from which are Black, Purple, Green, and Blue. With the release of Android Q Beta 2, we have found a new app called ‘Pixel Themes’. This is still buggy. However, rumor has it that this app will be the new customization app for Android Q.


  • The Share menu has improved:

The share menu of Android has not been touched for a long time. It is not that bad, it works. Yet, it could be better. And, lucky for us, Google has noticed it as well. With Android Q, the share menu is getting an overhaul. From now on, the share menu will load faster than ever.

Along with that, we will have a new setting called ‘Sharing Shortcuts’. With the help of this feature, the developers will be able to create new shortcuts to share particular files faster than usual.


  • Optimized for foldable phones:

Foldable phones are the new trend now. And, Google is adapting to it very fast. The Android Q is already optimized for foldable phones. Android Q will support multi-resume which will be a handy feature while using a foldable phone. In the future, we might see a lot of new features and improvements regarding foldable screens.


  • The Built-in screen recording is here:

We know that you have waited for this feature for a long time. And, thanks to Google for listening to the user-base once again. At last, Android is having a built-in screen recorder. Yes, you have heard it right. However, there’s a tiny problem here.

In the Beta version, you have to dig a little dip to find the screen recording option. It is hidden in the developer options. We think, in the official version, it will not be hidden anymore. With this much-anticipated feature, you will be able to record your phone’s screen. On top of this, you will have the option to show your taps and also record your voice at the same time.


  • When will you get it?

At first, Google launched the Beta 1 of Android Q on March 13, 2019. On the next month, Google has revealed the Beta 2. After that on May 7, 2019, we have been introduced to Beta 3 of Android Q during Google I/O. However, not everyone can use the beta version yet.

There is a public beta version of Android Q which is available for only 21 Android smartphones. If your phone is one of them, then you will be able to sign up for the beta version. And, following that procedure, you will receive an OTA (over-the-air) update on your phone to download and install it. Nevertheless, we believe that Android Q will be officially released in August 2019. But in the meantime, Google will definitely roll out more Beta versions.


Summing it up:

You can see that Google is bringing a lot of new features with Android Q. Some of them are very much anticipated. We are very happy that they have listened to us at last. Let’s wait and see what’s more the official release brings to us.

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