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Android’s Nougat Is Coming

Android's Nougat Is Coming!

Something I’ve always appreciated about Android devices is the way they name their different operating systems. While iOS will give you a complicated number with plenty of decimals and Windows will do, well, pretty much the same thing, Android brings it to the next level. Each new iteration is named after a different delicious treat. We’ve had such mouth-watering monikers as Marshmallow, Donut, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Doesn’t an ice cream sandwich sound amazing right now? Nice and cold and sugary.. Sorry, I really shouldn’t have written this article before lunchtime. Well, we’ve got a new update on the way in the form of Nougat. Is it as good as the name is delicious? Let’s take a look.



More Security

One major feature that appears to be a huge focus of Nougat is security. For Nougat, the MediaServer has received a boost, meaning possible online attackers will have a much tougher time than before. Additionally, applications will be much more secure with the update, as there will be less instances of sharing permissions between apps. In other words, without all the technical jargon, you’ll have more security. Wasn’t that easier?



Work Mode

A very interesting addition to the Nougat update is the new “Work Mode”. You can toggle this mode on and off whenever you’d like to enjoy some time without being distracted by a million work emails. After all, who wants to be distracted by work when they’re at home enjoying a nice ice cream sandwich? Sorry, still hungry.



Excitement Awaits

All in all, Nougat looks to be a positive improvement. Additional security, which is always welcome on a mobile device, will help further establish Android devices. Plus, I could see the ability to control the “Work Mode” feature being quite a hit for the times when you just want to relax and forget about responsibilities for a little bit. So, in other words, all the time.

Google details security features in Android 7.0 ‘Nougat'

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