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Banana Kong Android Review

Everyone's favorite video game with the word Kong in it is back! That's right, the video game icon is back in app form: Banana Kong. Wait, what? Let me start over. Banana Kong is a game that has popped up on the Google Play Store many times in my days of reviewing apps. Ever since I first saw it, the game definitely sparked my interest. I’ve always been a fan of any game with the word Kong in it. And I’m also a fan of bananas, which they say are high in potassium. Could this be a combination of two of my favorite things? I dunno, probably.



The Basics

When I first took a look at Banana Kong, I had a bad feeling it would be a cheap rip off like many other games I’ve looked at in the past. As soon as I fired up the game, I knew I was wrong. For the most part. The game is definitely a platformer similar to Donkey Kong country, but with a great twist: endless running. Your little Kong won’t stop running the entire time as a large wave of bananas chases him. But it also seems like Banana Kong enjoys bananas so why is he running from them? His name is Banana Kong after all.



How Is It?

Adding endless running to a 2D plane is fun and refreshing. You need to be quick, you’ve got to pay attention, and you even have to strategize. Charging up the meter on top by collecting bananas allows you to do a powerful charge attack. This allows you to run faster away from the banana wave (again, why?) as well as blow through secret passageways. Also, you get to ride a snake through a series of vines. Try and top that, Angry Birds.



What Would I Change?

There is one minor thing I had a problem with. While the game mixes endless running and 2D platforming very well, I wish there were actual levels. Instead of having small areas like Level 1-1 and so on, the game brings you back to the beginning if you die. While this is pretty common in endless runner games, I would have preferred sections to be more divided. Also, Donkey Kong notoriously rocked a spiffy red tie. I think Banana Kong may need to up his wardrobe a bit.



Bottom Line

Banana Kong was one of those games that really surprised me. While on the outside it seems like another generic platformer, the gameplay itself is innovative and addicting. It takes cues from Donkey Kong Country while also adding enough to make it its own type of game. I would suggest that Banana Kong consider a name change though. Between King Kong and Donkey Kong I’m going to assume they’ve got a pretty powerful legal team.

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