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Banny Sammy Android Review

Gravity is pretty important from what I hear. Or at least I’m pretty sure they said that in science class. It keeps everything in place, making sure our things don’t just start floating away. At least, that’s what I understand from all the space movies I see. So why not make a game based on gravity and physics? Oh, it’s been done already? Well, whatever. I’m reviewing Banny Sammy for Android devices anyways.



The Basics

I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly sure who or what “Banny Sammy” is even after playing the game. Is Banny Sammy the monkey? Or the panda? Or is one named Banny and the other Sammy? Banny & Sammy? Like some kind of cop show from the 80’s? I’m not sure. And I suppose it doesn’t really matter. So perhaps I’ve just wasted both of our time. Oh well. That’s just more time I would have been playing Banny Sammy I suppose.



The Gameplay

Banny Sammy is one of those puzzle game/physics game/make things move game hybrids like Cut The Rope. Or, at least, what I understand Cut The Rope is. (I think it’s about cutting ropes.) Your entire objective is to destroy blocks of wood and logs in order to roll the monkey character to fruits such as bananas and pears and the panda to…honey and fish? Do pandas even eat those things? I thought they ate bamboo. Not that I’m some kind of amateur zoologist. But still.




Is It Fun?

I haven’t had too much experience with physics puzzle games in the past, but I must say I enjoyed Banny Sammy. While most of the puzzles were pretty simple, there was definitely just enough challenge to keep me interested. Especially considering I’m not exactly sure how physics work. Or gravity. However, I got the hang of it and had a very good time.



The Bottom Line

Banny Sammy may not be the most original game in the world, but that doesn’t hinder the experience at all. Because of its simple premise, you need to only focus on figuring out the puzzle and feeding your animals. Even if the food choices aren’t exactly….accurate. However, I’d recommend this game as an entry point into the whole genre of “move this thing to make the other thing go to the other thing and complete the level” games. Or physics puzzle games. Whatever you prefer to call them.

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