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Chicken Evolution Android Review

Chickens are wonderful creatures. They provide us with nuggets, eggs, and many other delicious things. Oh, also they’re the closest thing we have to dinosaurs these days. Or is that all birds in general? I’ll do the research later. Anyways, chickens are great. But what if, instead of having a chicken that laid eggs, it laid money? And what if those money-laying chickens could evolve into monstrous creatures, capable of laying even more money? And what if you combine those with more monstrous creatures, creating an endless line of unspeakable delicious abominations? What am I talking about again? Oh yeah, I’m reviewing Chicken Evolution for Android devices.



The Basics

When you hear about a game called Chicken Evolution, what comes to mind? Maybe a game where you battle and catch chickens, trying to become a Chicken Evolution master and catch them all? No, not really. Chicken Evolution is more focused on two things – getting money and breeding chickens. So I guess it’s kind of like farming. Kind of? Not really?



The Gameplay

As soon as the action gets going, you find yourself on a small farm with a chicken. The chicken walks around a bit, and then.. how do I put this delicately… begins going to the bathroom. But instead of having to clean it up, it quickly disappears and turns into money. As somebody that’s owned plenty of pets throughout my lifetime, I can honestly say I wish that were real. More chickens soon begin to appear, and you can begin combining them to evolve into larger chickens that make more money. Again, why doesn’t this happen in real life?



Is It Fun?

I must say, despite the basic strangeness of this game, I had a great time with it. While I originally thought I’d play the game for a pretty short amount of time, I found myself completely sucked into the game, eager to see my cash flow growing and my chickens evolving. And I honestly thought I’d never find myself typing that sentence out. Really makes you think.



The Bottom Line

Chicken Evolution is a bizarre idea with great execution. On the outside, it doesn’t seem like it would be a game that would keep your attention too long. But once you get playing, it becomes very difficult to stop. If you told me a week ago I’d become addicted to a game about evolving chickens and collecting money, I’d probably say “Yeah, I guess I could see that happening.”

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