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Doodle Jump Android Review

I still remember the very early days of smartphone gaming. (Wow, as if I needed to sound any older in these reviews.) While not nearly as diverse as now, some of the bigger names of mobile games were just developing. Sure, you had today’s juggernauts such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but there was one hidden gem people seem to forget about these days. A little game by the name of Doodle Jump. I have very fond memories of playing this game on friend’s smartphones until they made me give it back and told me to get my own. Does it still hold up today? Let’s take a look.



The Basics

Doodle Jump is a game where you jump. And you’re a…doodle? It was the first “endless jumping” game, where you move vertically instead of horizontally. Much like Temple Run for endless runners, Doodle Jump spawned many wannabes. However, it will always be the best. Why? It’s one of the most charming, addictive, and dare I say adorable experiences I ever had with a mobile game.



The Gameplay

So instead of running forward like Temple Run, you’re jumping and jumping and jumping. Which sounds much more tiring. Along the way are things to help you out like trampolines and jetpacks (and one of those goofy propellor hats that launches you up in the air.) You’ll also avoid enemies such as multicolored monsters, holes you need to avoid, and even mutant penguins. Which, in my book, gives this game an automatic 100%.



Is It Fun?

Doodle Jump has held up very well. When I first played it, I was but a wide-eyed youth, not ready for the many trials of the world. But now, as a hardened adult, I understand why Doodle Jump has remained such a great game. Not only does its gameplay make it perfectly addictive, Doodle Jump is endlessly charming. Everything is meant to look like doodles on graph paper, and it really offers a loveable appearance.



The Bottom Line

When I first played Doodle Jump almost seven years ago, I never rode the bus without it. When I played Doodle Jump again seven minutes ago, well I’m still playing it. The game has held up very well, offering a perfect mix of addictive gameplay and charming art. And, while endless jumpers may not have gotten the respect of endless runners, I still believe Doodle Jump deserves your respect.

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