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Drive Ahead Android Review

Originality is not too common in app gaming, as I have constantly complained about in these reviews. Just looking through the old Google Play Store shows you that. A good amount of the games available want to be either Candy Crush or Clash Of Clans, with a few Mario ripoffs here and there. However, this makes it that much more exciting when you stumble upon a pretty original game. Something that isn’t like anything you’ve played on your phone before. Something like Drive Ahead! For Android devices.



The Basics

So you must be asking yourself, “If this reviewer is so happy complaining about the same old same old games, how did he stumble upon today’s game?” Well, excellent question. My answer is this: “Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.” For you see, you sometimes see the cover to something that makes you automatically want to get it. Like that one Bruce Willis movie that had that other guy in it. You know the one. Well, the Drive Ahead! thumbnail pretty much had everything any self-respecting app reviewer could want in a game: monster trucks, motorcycle helmets, and dinosaurs. Needless to say, I hit download button so quickly I hurt my thumb.



The Gameplay

Like I said, Drive Ahead! sports some pretty original gameplay. While I was expecting a racing game, it’s actually a head-to-head competition. TO THE DEATH. Okay, maybe not to the death. To the…injury? You, in a vehicle, will go up against your computer opponent and their own vehicle. These vehicles include everything from trucks to bumper cars to robotic dinosaurs. And I’m sure you can guess which of those I picked.



Is It Fun?

While it’s definitely not the most complex game I’ve played, I really did enjoy playing around with Drive Ahead! The gameplay and aesthetics are great, and look pretty original overall. The entire thing seems like some futuristic sport, where we must battle one another in the vehicle of our choice for the amusement of our robot overlords. Or something like that.



The Bottom Line

Drive Ahead! Was a very enjoyable experience. It’s one of those game that’s the most fun in short spurts, like when you’re waiting for the bus or pretending to be working on something on your mobile device. But I guess all the tapping may tip people off. I’d recommend giving it a shot if you want to practice the futuristic sport our robot overlords will force us to play. Or just for fun.

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