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Either Android Review

To be or not to be? Paper or plastic? To put extra cheese on it or not to put extra cheese on it? These are just a few of numerous questions that have been plaguing mankind since its dawn. Especially the cheese one. However, wouldn’t you like a way to not only divide up these different choices but see what other people choose as well? Really? Oh. Then the Either app for Android is definitely for you.



What is Either?

Either is one of the simpler apps I’ve seen in my time using apps. Everything is stylized in a simple red and blue, highlighting the two different choices available. After you make your choice, there is a percentage statistic that shows how many others voted the same way as you. Did you want to see how many other people prefer Beyonce to Ke$ha? You’ll have the percentage available. Curious how many others prefer fame to fortune? You can check it out afterward. Want to know how many people prefer ketchup to mustard? Well, isn’t that everyone?



Why Is Either Fun?

Either is what I like to think of as a “conversational” app. In other words, it’s perfect for when you need to kill some time with a few other people. The fun comes from seeing what others choose and discussing it. Friendships will be tested, nothing will ever be the same. You may look into the mirror and not recognize the person looking back at you. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.



Is That It?

Well, yes. But I think there’s something charming about how simple Either is. Just because it doesn’t have too many layers doesn’t mean it can’t be entertaining. I’ve spent plenty of time on the bus with friends or even waiting for a meal discussing the great questions in life. Like if you’d rather be able to dance like Michael Jackson or sing like Michael Jackson. The very question that’s caused so many arguments, battles, and even wars in years past. Or so I assume.



Bottom Line

Should you download this app or not download this app? (Get it? Because you get to choose between two things in the app. No? Alright. I’ll work on that.) If you’re looking for a simple, conversational app, Either is the way to go. It doesn’t over complicate things, it’s free, and you can play around with it for hours.

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