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Fast Like A Fox Android Review

Graphics aren’t really something that are normally applauded in mobile games. And, since most of the games are free, the standards for graphics aren’t necessarily high. Which makes sense when you really think about it, as developers are able to cut some corners. In fact, that’s exactly why simple, blocky graphics like those found in Minecraft are so popular in mobile games. But I, for one, still find that we should raise our standards for mobile games. And today we’re going to take a look at a game that agrees with me. Let’s take a look at Fast Like A Fox for Android devices.



The Basics

Just by the title Fast Like A Fox, you can pretty much tell the type of game it’s going to be. That’s right, an intensely psychological action RPG where you must battle enemy spies, wolves, and even your own long lost half brother. OK, seriously though. It’s an endless runner. But you could probably have figured that out from the title.



The Gameplay

Fast Like A Fox has all the basics of your typical endless runner. You run endlessly, you collect things, and you try not to fall into bottomless pits. The controls are very simple, and the challenges are pretty forgiving. You don’t get a limited number of lives or tries, if you fall you are magically taken back a little bit earlier in the level. Really, the simple gameplay let’s you focus on the simple yet interesting visuals.



Is It Fun?

Fast Like A Fox is one of the more memorable games I’ve played recently, but not particularly for the way it plays. You see, the game is a bit more fashion over function. It doesn’t offer anything I haven’t seen in other endless runners, and the challenges aren’t even particularly difficult. However, it really let me focus more on the construction paperish visuals, meaning I could just sit back, tap my phone and enjoy watching a colorful fox collect jewels. Are you sick of me talking about graphics yet? Of course not!



The Bottom Line

Fast Like A Fox has the single most impressive yet simple visuals I’ve seen on a mobile game. You know that by now because I’ve been ranting about them this entire review. Is the actual gameplay as original as the art style? No. But that’s OK. I’m satisfied knowing they were able to put something this creative looking on mobile devices, and want to see what they do in the future. Maybe it’ll get more complex in Fast Like A Fox 2: Reckoning? Maybe.

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