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Forest Android Review

Forest Android Review

To be totally honest, I’m not very good at maintaining focus. In a world of so many things to do, so many things to see, and so many games of Super Mario Run I should be playing (hold on, I’ve gotta do a quick playthrough before finishing this sentence), it's not very easy to stay focused. However, while our devices are very good at distracting us, they’ve also got ways of keeping us pretty focused. After all, there has to be some balance, right? Well, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the Forest app for Android devices.


What Is Forest?

Forest is an app where you grow a forest. Sounds pretty exciting, right? Well, allow me to explain with a bit more depth. You see, the app begins with you planting a simple tree. From there, a timer begins. If you begin using your phone for anything else, the tree dies. And, just to increase the guilt a little bit more, it actually asks you if you’re OK with letting the tree die before you give up. Man, they really know how to tug at the heartstrings.


How Is The App?

I must say, this is a pretty ingenious idea for an app. The creators clearly knew that people have a bit of a tough time staying focused with these devices of infinite entertainment, so they created a way to essentially guilt you into not using your phone. Pretty forward thinking, really.


The Bottom Line

While I’m usually pretty good about staying off of my phone when I’m trying to get some work done (or I was before Super Mario Run came out), I can totally see why people would be interested in this app. Not only does it make you feel bad if you quit too early, it makes you feel great as you grow your little forest. And, while I've never grown a real forest, I imagine it feels pretty darn good.


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