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Hammer Bomb Android Review

Last week I talked about a game called Hammer Time, which unfortunately had no references to musical legend MC Hammer. Today I’m taking a look at Hammer Bomb for Android devices. Is this a coincidence? Actually, yes. Yes it is. Hammer Bomb is actually quite a bit different from Hammer Time. Which means I actually have to put some work into this review instead of resting on my work from last week. Oh well. Let’s take a look at Hammer Bomb for Android devices.



The Basics

Now, what exactly would you expect when you hear of a game title like Hammer Bomb? Perhaps you’d think it’d be a game where you hit hammers with bombs? Or a game where you throw bombs at hammers? Or maybe something else entirely. Well, this game is neither of those things. In fact, I believe you’ll find my analysis to be quite surprising. (And that, kids, is what you call a teaser.)



The Gameplay

So we've gone over what Hammer Bomb isn’t. So let’s go over what Hammer Bomb is. (That was a waste of two sentences.) Hammer Bomb is actually a first person adventure dungeon crawler game. Your main objective is to find the exit of the dungeon, wherever it may be. Along the way, you’ll open treasure chests, battle monsters, and maybe even discover the true meaning of life. Maybe.



Is It Fun?

I can honestly say Hammer Bomb is one of the better games I’ve played in my time reviewing apps. It’s got a pretty original concept, mixing Zelda style dungeon crawling with a first person view. Additionally, these aren’t frustrating dungeons you’ll be stuck in forever. You can blaze through many of these various dungeons in just a minute or two, with plenty of secrets and treasure in between. My only real gripe with the game was its Minecraft looking visuals. But if you’ve read many of my other reviews you’re tired of me complaining about that. So let’s just move on.



The Bottom Line

Hammer Bomb is, simply put, a joy to play. From the moment I started playing around in the game, I knew it was something pretty special. The idea is fun, there’s a good amount of stuff to explore, and it’s unlike anything I’ve played on mobile so far. Granted there are some similarities to Minecraft, I like that the game is a simplified dungeon crawler. However, they should maybe consider a new name. Because “Hammer Bomb” sounds more like a wrestler than an app game. An awesome wrestler.

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