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Hammer Time Android Review

Hammers are very useful. We use them to hammer in nails, and… well I’m not exactly sure what else. In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually hammered in a nail. I’m not exactly a handyperson. But the bottom line is that hammers are very useful. Well, this is a game that lets you smack things besides nails with hammers. Like bombs with human faces. Don’t worry, it might make sense later.



The Basics

Now when you first read that title, what do you think the game’s going to be about? MC Hammer of course! Maybe a platformer where you must collect gold records or a puzzle game where you match up three MC Hammer heads. Well, unfortunately, it is not. Sorry for building your expectations too much.



The Gameplay

Hammer Time for Android devices is all about physics and timing. You must protect a kingdom from various rolling bombs. Bombs that have faces. For some reason. These many bombs begin at the top of a hill, rolling towards you. You must charge up your hammer in order to knock the bombs away from the castle, even if it’s just the tiniest bump. But, for the record, please don’t hit any actual bombs with hammers. I don’t want to be liable for that.



Is It Fun?

Once you get used to the controls, Hammer Time is quite fun and addictive. When I first got started, I found myself charging up all the way, hoping to hit every single bomb in one swing. Well, I found out that’s not exactly how it works. Instead, you need to strategize for each bomb, seeing if you need a light smack or a full on wallop. Once I found this out, the game was a great time. My only real gripe with the game was the lack of variety in levels. Sure you get a grassy hill, a desert hill, and a snowy hill. But they’re all just the same hill. A bit more variety in the size and shape of the hills may make the game a bit more replayable.



The Bottom Line

Despite the misleading title (still waiting for that MC Hammer game, app developers) Hammer time is a pretty interesting game. The use of physics and timing together is a great concept, as you are your own worst enemy. If you let those bombs roll over to your castle, it’s all your fault. You’ve failed your castle brethren. And there’s nothing you can do to save them. Well, except maybe to try playing again.

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