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Headspace Meditation Android App

We’re all hardworking people. Well, not me. Frankly writing this article is really interfering with my naptime. But other people seem to work hard. Whatever floats your boat I say. So for those people that do work hard, you’ll want a little relaxation. But how do you do that? (Without alcohol, that is.) Well, perhaps it’s time to get a little bit holistic. Perhaps it’s time to meditate. (cue dramatic music)



What is Headspace?

So what exactly is Headspace? (This feels like I’m opening a presentation to a board meeting full of people wearing suits drinking store brand bottled water.) Headspace is a self-described “mind trainer” Android app/website that aims to improve your mental health. On the website they go a bit more in-depth about the benefits of Headspace sessions and even the science involved. However, being a self-described “idiot” I didn’t quite understand it at first. So I decided to just go ahead and dive in.



The Take 10 Program

I decided to begin with the free Take10 program. I did this because it contains the word “free”. Immediately I was greeted with an animation chock-full of adorable little characters and aesthetically pleasing scenery. This animation gives the basic rundown of what Headspace is and why it’s important. Except they do it much better than how I tried to describe in the last paragraph.




You’re probably wondering what happens at the end of this 10-day journey. Well, at the very end, an angry man jumps out of your phone and grabs you by the collar, screaming “Pay up! Pay up!” Ok, not really. At the end of your Take 10 Program, you’re informed that you must subscribe to reach day 11 (and beyond!)



Bottom Line

While playing around with the headspace app, I was definitely relaxed. From the soothing voiceover to the charming animations, I totally forgot about my credit card debt, back pain, and fear that I’ll never move out of my parents’ basement. I really like the way everything is presented. I also enjoyed the way it handles subscriptions. After the 10 day program, it’s totally up to you if you want to do more sessions. It gives you some time to feel it out and see if it’s right for you. How very relaxed of them (Note to self: write better closing line later)

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