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How to clear the DNS cache on your iPhone, iPad & Mac



There are a lot of factors which can impact your web browsing experience. One of them can be the DNS Cache. If you have not flushed or cleared your DNS cache on your iPhone or Mac for a long time, it might slow down your internet browsing speed. There are also a lot more DNS related issues which can affect your smart devices.

Luckily, it is very easy to clear the DNS Cache. And, we will reveal how to do it on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac here. So, let's get started…


Clear the DNS on iPhone and iPad

There a number of methods you can follow to clear the DNS cache of your iOS devices. We will share 3 of them here. You can follow any one of these methods. It totally depends on your preference.


Method 1 – Enable Airplane Mode

  • Open the ‘Control Center’ on your iOS device by either swiping down or up from the home screen (depends on your iOS version)
  • Then tap on the ‘Airplane Mode’ icon from the network settings card
  • In doing so, your device will be in airplane mode. You should keep it as it is for at least 15 seconds
  • After 15 seconds, you can tap again on the ‘Airplane Mode’ icon to disable the mode
  • That’s it. Your DNS cache will be cleared in the meantime
  • You can also enable and disable ‘Airplane Mode’ by navigating to Settings > Airplane Mode


Method 2 – Restart your Device

  • Press and hold the power button on your iOS device until a slider option appears on the screen. The position of the power button will vary depending on your device
  • Now tap on the ‘Slide to power off’ option
  • After your iOS device has been turned off, you need to wait for a few seconds
  • Then you can restart your device by pressing and holding the power/top/side button
  • You might need to enter the passcode of your device due to security reasons
  • In the meantime, the DNS cache will already be cleared


Method 3 – Reset Network Settings

  • Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu on your iOS device
  • Then tap on the ‘General’ option from there
  • Next, tap on ‘Reset’ option
  • And from the next screen, tap on the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option
  • A popup will appear, tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’ once again to confirm it
  • You might need to enter the ‘Passcode’ to finalize the action

This method is very easy to perform as you don't need to shut down your phone or such. However, there’s a problem with this method. It will clear everything related to your device’s network settings including Wi-Fi passwords, cellular data settings etc. You will have to set all these up again.


Clear the DNS on Mac

There are more than one methods to flush the DNS cache on your Mac. However, most of them are complicated. So, in this post, we will share only one method which is very easy to execute. Here we go.

  • Download the CleanMyMac software for free on your Mac
  • After that, you have to install and launch the app
  • Next, click on the ‘Maintenance’ option from the left sidebar
  • Then click on the ‘Flush DNS Cache’ option to select it
  • And, last of all, click on the ‘Run’ button from the bottom of the window
  • The DNS cache of your Mac will be cleared instantly


Wrapping it up

We have shared multiple methods of clearing DNS cache on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac above. We have tried to keep it simple and easy to follow. So, if you need to clear your DNS on your Apple devices, you can easily do that by following this tutorial. Let us know if you have tried any one of these methods mentioned above.

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