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How To Edit Photos Without An App Android

Smartphones have made us a bit photo-crazy. We all have that one friend that has way too many photos of everything from their bologna sandwich to their baby. And by that one friend, we obviously mean ourselves. And there’s a good reason: smartphone cameras are very easy to use. But what if you’re not exactly an expert of photo editing? What if you don’t understand how a perfect mix of lighting can convey a sense of internal pain, soul searching, and the desperate search for a shred of hope? Even if you’re taking a picture of a sandwich. Well, let's take a look at how to edit your photos without even downloading an app. Remember? That was the title of this article.



Why Photo Edit?

There can be many reasons you’ll need to edit your photos. Perhaps your new profile picture could use a little black and white to add that edgy look. (Very 90’s!) Or maybe you need to crop out that one former friend that always ruined your photos by making silly faces in the background? (I’m looking at you, Gerald! If you’re reading this. )



So How Do You Do It?

Once you’ve taken your photo, simply head over to the Gallery app. Tap on the photo you’d like to edit and look in the top left section. Next to your standard share options, you’ll see a little pencil. Tap the pencil and you’ll be given plenty of options for filters, a cropping tool, and the ability to rotate the photo around. You know, in case you’re going for that artsy upside down look.



Is That It?

Yes! Doing quick edits on your Android phone has been made very easy. Now it’s no Photoshop, as you won’t be able to edit yourself into iconic movies. (Not that I’m speaking from experience.) However, if you’d like to do quick edits without having to waste any space with new apps on your phone, doing it straight from the Gallery is a wise choice.

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