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How to Get Podcasts on Your Android Phone

Are you an avid listener of podcasts? Do you enjoy hearing a few people chat about everything from sports to entertainment to the best kind of quadruple stack cheeseburger? (I’m not sure if that’s a podcast yet, but it definitely should be.) Then I’m sure you’d like an easy way to have all your podcasts directly on your phone.

“But wait! I have an Android phone. I can’t subscribe to iTunes podcasts”, you may say.

Well, fear not, as Google Play Music, the main music service from Google (couldn’t you tell from the name?) is fully equipped for your podcast needs. But I know what you’re saying now. “I wish I had a mildly informative article to teach me how to find the podcasts I want on Google Play.” Well, you’re in luck again. Because you’re reading such an article right now. (Is your mind blown?) Let’s take a look at the world of Google Play Music podcasts.


The Basics

After opening the Google Play Music app, you need to tap the small box in the top left of the screen. You know, that box with all the lines that every single app seems to have. You’ll get a number of different options, such as “Browse Stations”, “Listen Now”, and “Order Sandwich”. The last one’s my favorite feature. Simply tap on “Podcasts” and let your journey begin.


And Then What?

Once you’ve taken a look at some of the most popular podcasts, you may want to narrow down your search. Simply tap on “All Categories” and scroll around. They have everything from Business to News & Politics to plenty of other things that are way too highbrow for me to listen to.


Additional Tips

If you don’t see anything available that sparks your interests, simply search a keyword of something you enjoy. Big fan of the 90’s? Check out 90’s Percentile. Love trivia? Give Good Job Brain a listen. Huge fan of actor Todd Bridges? I’m sure there’s a podcast about him called Toddcast. Wait, never mind, I’m taking that idea.

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