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How to move from iOS to Android



Thinking about making the jump to an Android device? We’ve got you. While most people, don’t end up making the transition because they’re worried that they’ll lose all their information, the fact is that making the jump has never been easier. To get started all you need is your iOS device, an Android device, and an internet connection. It really is that simple!


Let’s get started on how to move from iOS to Android so that you can start using your Android as soon as possible.


Before You Transition

Remember that all your accessories you’ve bought for your iPhone will not longer be usable on your Android device. This means that if you have cases, chargers or docks, you should probably sell them or give them to iPhone users that you know. Androids have an array of accessories, so don’t worry, you’ll be able to find cases, chargers, docks, etc.


What You Need to Do Before You Begin

Before you begin your transfer, you’ll need to do a couple things so that everything runs smoothly.

Go on your Android device and make sure that the Wi-Fi is turned on. Plug both, your iOS device and your Android device into their chargers, so that the transfer isn’t disrupted.

You’ll want to check that the content you’re transferring is able to move, including the information on your external SD card – meaning, your Android has enough room to hold your data.

Lastly, if you want to transfer your Chrome data, you need to make sure your Android has the latest updates and version of Chrome.


Transfer in 3 Easy Steps

That’s right, this can all be done in three easy steps. I know, you probably thought this was more complex, but it’s not.


Get Google Drive

You need to download Google Drive to your iOS device and then sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have an account, no problem, just register and then you’re all set. If you already have Google Drive installed, then all you need to do is double check that you have the latest updates for it.


Back up Your Information

Open Google Drives. Once you’re in Google Drives, open up the backup wizard. To do this, you’ll need to select Menu. Then, go to Settings and select Backup. Now, it’s going to show you the possible files and information that you can back up, simply select what you’d like to back up or if you want to back up everything, select Start Backup.

Now, backing up your information could take several hours depending on the amount of information you’re wanting to back up. When you’re backing up, make sure you have the time to leave your phone as well as a reliable internet connection. Also, make sure your device is plugged into the wall, charging.


Sign into Your Android Device

Now that your iPhone is backing up, you’ll want to sign into your Google account on your Android device. You have to use the same account as you were using on your iPhone in order for them to sync the backed information.

Once you login into your Android, you’ll see all your information via your Google account. Through Calendar, Contacts App and Google photos, you’ll have access to all your contact, photos, videos, appointments and emails right on your Android phone.


Double Check

You’ll want to double check that your data was successfully transferred to your Android device. If some information did move, you can move it manually. However, this shouldn’t be a problem


Now that you know how to transfer your data from your iPhone to your new Android device, you should have no problem doing so. It’s never been this easy to transition from an iOS device to Android, so, take advantage of this technology and get yourself accustomed to your new Android as soon as possible. If you follow these steps, you’ll be using your Android within a couple of hours. So, we hope these instructions helped you and enjoy your new Android.

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