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How To Upload Videos Directly From The YouTube App Android

Ahh, the world of YouTube. With millions of hours of entertainment (even if it’s mostly cat videos), it’s a place where anyone can become a content creator. And so can you! While some people may believe you need to latest HD UltraZoomX5000X2000 camera, in all reality you just need that little square in your pocket that you watch the many hours of cat videos on. “But won’t I need to use one of those fancy computers to upload the videos?” you’re probably wondering. Not true! In fact, you can film and upload a video directly from your Android device. So let’s take a look at how to upload videos directly from the YouTube app.



The Basics

Now, to be honest, many YouTube videos are beginning to have some incredible production values. With green screens and expensive video editing software, many YouTube shows seem like actual television shows. Remember those? However, if you're just looking to upload a simple vlog or even a how-to video, uploading directly from the YouTube app is very simple.



So How Do You Do It?

After you have signed in to your Google account in the Youtube app, tap on the account button. You know, the one that looks like a stick figure head. That thing. Once there, you will see a button with a video camera. While it may come as a shock, that button will begin recording video for you. Once you tap that, you can get filming right away.



Is That It?

And that’s it! Once you name your video and decide if you’d like it to be private, public, or unlisted, your video is live. And, if you’re wondering why you’d want to keep any of the videos private, you clearly have never filmed yourself trying out dance moves. Just take my word on that.

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