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How To Use Bass Tabs By Jellynote (Android)

How To Use Bass Tabs By Jellynote (Android)

Over the past few years I’ve gotten really into playing bass guitar. While not as well regarded as the old fashioned electric guitar, bass is a very fun instrument to play. Even if you can’t quite use it to serenade somebody the way you can with an electric guitar. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. We’re here to talk about the Bass Tabs app for Android devices. Which was created by Jellynote. Which is an awesome name.


What Is Bass Tabs?

The Bass Tabs app by Jellynote isn’t your usual tab app. While most similar apps will simply show you the tabs to play certain songs, this particular application will actually walk you through how to play them, along with give you a MIDI computerized version of the song to play along to. Which is pretty impressive I must say. Well, considering I need a good amount of hand holding to even play something so simple as Smoke On The Water. We’re not all instant rockstars, OK?


How Do You Use It?

Unlike many of the songs I’ve tried to play, using the Bass Tabs app is very simple. You can either scroll through some of the most popular tunes or search for one that you’d like to play. From there, all you need to do is play along as you read the tabs. Or notes, if you actually know how to read notes. Which, as you may expect, I do not.


The Bottom Line

The Bass Notes app by Jellynote is something I’d definitely suggest any bass player try out. It’s got a good selection, an interesting interface, and the idea is simply fantastic. Playing along to computerized versions of the songs is also a huge bonus, giving you that extra step to finally play that awesome song that will wake up your neighbors. They just don’t get rock n’ roll.

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