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How To Use Cute Note (Android)

How To Use Cute Note (Android)

Cuteness is something we’re pretty spoiled about in the internet age. While in the olden days you could go weeks without seeing so much as an adorable kitten, now you can see one in a tiger costume at the click of a button. Which is incredible, really. And another great byproduct of the internet age: being able to cute up everything else in our lives. Like, say, note taking apps. Cute note taking apps? That’s exactly what Cute Note for Android devices is! Let’s take a look at it.


What Is Cute Note?

As the name implies, Cute Note is an app that combines the tried and true way of taking notes and attempts to cute it up a bit. I have long been a loyal user of Google Keep, but have noticed that while it is an amazing note taking application, there’s a pretty distinct lack of cuteness. Does that make Cute Note the superior app? Well, you’ll have to wait for the dramatic conclusion, won’t you?


How Do You Use It?

Like most standard note apps, you begin by hitting the “plus sign” button. You can begin writing your note right away. But then the real fun begins: customizing your note for premium cuteness. You can press the letters for different font sizes and the various heart and bear buttons to give yourself an adorable little template to take notes on. You can also make a to-do list, but I found it to be lacking in cute options. So I’m sticking to the memos.


Should You Get It?

If you’re tired of the same boring-looking notes, you should definitely give Cute Note a shot. While the to-do option could use a bit of a cuteness upgrade, the main memos will definitely fill your cuteness quota. Additionally, there’s even a few Batman and Spiderman styled note templates. While I can’t comment on how legal that is, it’s still a nice touch.

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