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How To Use Google Drive Android

How To Use Google Drive (Android)

The cloud is the future. No longer shall we be plagued by needing space for physical hard drives or having to use the extremely risky paper-cut-giving printouts of the past. And one of the greatest examples of the wonders of the cloud system is Google Drive. But have you used the Google Drive app yet? You haven’t? What are you doing? We’re living in the future here! Let’s take a look at how to use the Google Drive app on your Android device.



What Is Google Drive?

Now, first of all, Google Drive is not the self-driving car that’s coming in the future. Although that would have been an awesome name. No, Drive is actually a storage system/document creating app. It works as an online Microsoft Word alternative. However, the app is not quite as simple as the desktop version for a few reasons. Reasons I’ll explain later. As in during the next section. So feel free to read on.



How Do You Use It?

Google Drive is a fairly simple app to use. In order to upload a file from your mobile device, you simply need to hit the upload button. You know, the one with the arrow. Additionally, in order to read any document, all you need to do is tap on it. However, there’s only one issue with the app: all you can do is read and upload. In order to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, or slides, you need to download individual apps. How do you do that? That’s an article for another time. (What a teaser!)



Should You Use It?

Despite the need to use separate apps for the actual writing and editing, the core Drive app is still pretty important. If you’re only looking to upload your photos or read through some documents for studying, the Google Drive app is very useful.

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