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How To Use Gym Workout (Android)

How To Use Gym Workout (Android)

While it may come as a surprise given my long history of admitting my own laziness, I used to be pretty into going to the gym. There was even a time that I would get up before sunrise just to do some yoga. Oh, those fond times before I actually had stuff to do… Anyways, I also remember always wanting to get into a good exercise routine but never quite being able to get into a groove. I suppose that’s where my inner laziness finally kicked in. But perhaps I just needed some kind of app. Some kind of app like Gym Workout for Android devices. Which I’m reviewing today.


What Is Gym Workout?

The Gym Workout app is an easy way to find the exercise routine that works best for you. So if you’re looking to really blast your biceps, this is the app for you. Or if you’re looking to…rip…your…somethingoids? I’m not going to lie, it’s been awhile since I’ve hit the gym. I’ve kind of forgotten the names of some of the muscles.


How Do You Use It?

You can begin by choosing an area of the body you’d like to work on. From there, you are directed to a number of different exercises for that particular muscle. By hitting play, you’ll see a demonstration video on the workout so you know exactly what to do.


The Bottom Line

Gym Workout is a pretty impressive app. You’ve got a gateway to tons of different workouts with videos detailing how to complete them. Additionally, there are some pre-set workout routines for you to choose, meaning if you’ve got one absolute goal, you have an easy way to organize it. Does this great workout companion mean I’m going to be heading back to the gym lifestyle anytime soon? Probably not. But that’s OK.

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