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How To Use Mealime (Android)

How To Use Mealime (Android)

I have always enjoyed watching people cook. From that one show where people are in a cooking competition to that other show where people are in a cooking competition, I love to see food being made. Even if I don’t know how to make it for myself. However, if you are interested in making your own food, you may want to consider an app such as Mealime for Android devices. And, though it may come as a surprise, that’s exactly the app we’re looking at today.


What Is Mealime?

Mealime is kind of a main hub for finding a variety of different food items for your diet. As somebody that has personally never been on a diet (although I once went vegetarian for six hours), I’m sure it would not be easy. But apps such as Mealime seem like they’d be able to help.


How Do You Use It?

Mealime starts you off pretty simple by seeing what kind of diet you’re going for, such as paleo, low carb, or vegetarian. It then asks you about any food allergies or disliked food items you may have in order to match you up with the right meals. It’s kind of like a dating app for meals. Kind of. From there, you’re given a number of different food options that fit your choices, along with information on how to make them and even a “grocery list” to tell you what you need at the store.


The Bottom Line

Mealime is a pretty interesting app. While I’ve seen my fair share of recipe applications, none have been quite as comprehensive when it comes to matching you up with the right meals as Mealime. It’s just what you need to get ready for mealtime. Oh, I get it now! Mealime is like mealtime except without the “T”. And there logo is a…lime. OK, I only kind of get it.



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