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How To Use Music Maker Jam (Android)

How To Use Music Maker Jam (Android)

I’ve talked before about how I always enjoyed the classic Mac app Garageband. Whenever I got my hands on an Apple computer, I would immediately start making my own tunes from the various loops available. However, because I haven’t played around on a Mac in a while, I’ve been without a proper way to make little synthesized tunes. But, by recently discovering Music Maker Jam for Android devices, have I found the perfect alternative? You'll see. Let’s take a look at the Music Maker Jam app.


What Is Music Maker Jam?

Music Maker Jam is kind of like a mobile version of Garageband mixed with a social networking app. Kind of. You see, you can create all your own tracks, post them, and see people’s responses. Judging by how my roommates respond to my singing, I may not want to post my creations just yet.


How Do You Use It?

Music Maker Jam actually works pretty similarly to Garageband. You create a new song by pressing the button on the top left, you add a new instrument by tapping the “+” button, and you drag around the different circles to create the perfect sound mix. From there, it’s all about exploration. Like a band crafting a song, you can slowly build up a tune, one instrument at a time. Additionally, you can record your own voice on the track by tapping the microphone in the bottom left. Time to share my golden singing voice with the world. Maybe after a few singing lessons…


How Is The App?

Music Maker Jam really surprised me. While I was expecting a watered down version of Garageband, I was treated to a pretty interesting app that allows you to make some pretty fun little tunes. Going through and trying out the different instruments allowed for a lot of experimentation, which is what makes the app so addictive. So, whether you’re a musician or not, I suggest you give this app a try.

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