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How To Use Shake-It Alarm (Android)

How To Use Shake-It Alarm (Android)

I’ve made it no secret in these reviews that I prefer to stay in bed. Who wants to go out in the big,bad world when there’s a warm safe bed where you can hide from your responsibilities? Well, because society demands that I get out of bed and get going, I need to use an alarm to get up. But what kind of alarm can jostle me out of my beloved sleep time? I’ve tried the ones that force you to do math problems to wake up. I’ve used the ones that are as loud and alarming as physically possible. I’ve even tried putting my alarm far away from my bed. None of these strategies have worked. Will Shake-It Alarm for Android devices be my ticket to waking up? Possibly. But most likely not.


What Is Shake-It Alarm?

Shake-It Alarm is your basic alarm with a bit of a twist. While most alarms will ring until you push the snooze button or throw it across the room, Shake-It Alarm adds an interesting dimension to the process. When your alarm goes off, you’ll either have to tap your screen furiously or shake the phone for a period of time to get it to stop. Which makes sense considering the name of the app.


How Do You Use It?

You begin by setting your alarm time like any other app, hitting the plus sign and choosing a time. From there, you simply pick which days of the week you’d like it to go off and choose to shake or tap. And then you simply need to do what we’ve all been waiting for all day: lay in bed and go to sleep.


The Bottom Line

I truly believe that Shake-It Alarm is a brilliant idea. Just shaking my phone when I was trying it out was enough to get me focused. I can only imagine what that feels like in the morning. Oh, and did I happen to mention that there’s tons of cuddly creatures featured throughout the app as well? If that doesn’t seal the deal, I’m not sure what will.

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