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How To Use Soundcloud (Android)

How To Use Soundcloud (Android)

Did you know that it’s possible to listen to music over the internet? Shocking, right? I've been using a boom box over my shoulder for years now. It’s really starting to hurt my back. Well, I shall experience the pain no more as apps like Soundcloud now exist. What is Soundcloud? How do you use it? Should you get it? These questions and more shall be answered in “How To Use Soundcloud For Android Devices Episode 1: The Return Of The Words”. Catchy title, right?


What Is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is, as you may expect, an audio streaming app. The application focuses mainly on music, but also has many podcasts available. The app features tons of different genres, with everything from alternative rock and hip hop to dancehall and reggaeton. Although, to be honest, I’m not sure what reggaeton is. A ton of reggae perhaps? Let’s go with that.


How Do You Use It?

Soundcloud may have quite a bit of content available, but it’s not terribly difficult to use. Once you follow different artists, they will appear on your home dashboard. You can also switch over to the “Explore” section in order to discover new artists/podcasts by genre. Additionally, you may record your own tracks directly to your phone by tapping the microphone once you’ve entered the “Record” section. Remember that angsty song you wrote in high school? Time to finally share it with the world.


Should You Get It?

Soundcloud is a pretty interesting app. Whereas some audio apps focus on more mainstream artists and others are more geared to the obscure, I consider SoundCloud to be somewhere in between. I saw many artists I didn’t recognize sprinkled in with well known bands like The 1975 and well-known podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang! So if you’re in the mood for a real audio journey, Soundcloud is the perfect application to find some new tracks to listen to on your morning commute.

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