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How To Use Track Yoga (Android)

How To Use Track Yoga (Android)

It always feels nice to download a fitness app. You get a sudden feeling of accomplishment, knowing you’re on a journey to incredible fitness. Well, until you forget about the app and start playing some Trivia Crack. OK, maybe that’s just me. But I imagine I’m not the only person. And perhaps the reason for that is because not all fitness apps share the same level of ingenuity. (Yes, I’ve been reading my dictionary.) However, is Track Yoga for Android devices the app that will change that? You’ll see in a few paragraphs.


What Is Track Yoga?

Track Yoga is an app that helps you track yoga. Makes sense to me. Like many similar fitness apps, there are various routines available, along with some tutorials on what to do. However, unlike some fitness apps, these tutorials are in full video, along with soothing music and a calming voice to lead the way. Really helps to open up the old chakras, doesn’t it?


How Do You Use It?

Thankfully, Track Yoga is a pretty approachable app. Which is good because yoga is hard enough on its own. You begin by inputting your skill level, from beginner to expert. And yes, you can pretty much guess what I picked. From there, you choose the routine you’d like to do, with certain options catered to first timers and others geared toward stress relief. Additionally, you can change the music by pressing the settings button at the top right of any video.


The Bottom Line

Track Yoga is definitely one of the better fitness related apps I’ve seen in awhile. It’s easy to use, has a great interface, and the videos really help to show exactly what you should be doing. Which is good because, as I said before, yoga is hard. And so is finding a great last sentence to end this review.

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