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How To Use Water Drink Reminder Android

How To Use Water Drink Reminder (Android)

Drinking water is not the easiest thing to remember to do. When you’ve spent the day making coffee, chugging coffee, and making more coffee, it’s pretty simple to forget that your body needs water as well. But how do you remember? Do you tie a ribbon around your finger? Do you write on your hand in permanent marker? Do you create a device that will give you a small electric shock each time you forget to drink water? Well, that would actually probably work pretty well. But hurt. So let’s talk about the Water Drink Reminder app for Android devices instead, shall we?



What Is The Water Drink Reminder?

The Water Drink Reminder, as you can guess, is an app to help you learn to drink water. I guess that’s pretty self explanatory, huh? I just usually have this section so I thought I’d include it here. Anyways – moving on!



How Do You Use The Water Drink Reminder?

The joy of the Water Drink Reminder is how little you really have to do. After inputting some simple information such as weight and sleeping schedule, you’re directed to the main menu. There, you input whenever you drink a glass of water, with different options depending on the container size. After you input the last drink of water you had, the app will remind you the next time you need to take a drink. It’s like having a personal assistant that’s obsessed with hydration!



Should You Download It?

My time with Water Drink Reminder was very helpful. It actually prompted me to drink much more water than regular, even getting to the recommended daily amount. And, as I’m more of a coffee and soda person, I think that’s pretty incredible. Best of all, it’s free! Kind of like water. Well, not that fancy bottled water. But I’m not going to go on a whole rant about that.

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