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How To Use Water Time Pro (Android)

How To Use Water Time Pro (Android)

Drinking water on a consistent basis is not the easiest thing in the world to do. At least, you’d think that from scrolling around the many app stores. Seriously, I feel like I saw more water drinking apps than photo editing apps. And, trust me, I saw a TON of those. Seeing as I’ve already reviewed one water drinking app in the past, I’m pretty qualified to look at another, right? Right? Well, whatever. I’m going to do it anyways. Let’s take a look at Water Time Pro for Android devices.


What Is Water Time Pro?

As you can probably tell from my intro, the name, and even the logo of Water Time Pro, this app is meant to remind you when it’s time to drink water. Which is kind of funny because, you know, we all need water to live. Which makes it kinda hilarious that we need an app for it. What’s next, an app that reminds us when to eat? Which reminds me, it’s almost lunchtime…


How Do You Use It?

Much like the act of drinking water, Water Time Pro is a pretty simple app. You simply begin by choosing what type of drink you’ve consumed during the day by scrolling around different sizes and options. You can also change your personal information such as gender and weight (which affect how much water you need) and set how often you’d like water reminder alarms to go off by tapping the settings and alarm buttons respectively.









The Bottom Line

Water Time Pro offers everything you’d expect from a water reminder app: easy tracking, alarms, and customizability. However, one thing I forgot to mention was the adorable mascot featured throughout the app, a cute little water drop. The little thing smiles as you gulp your water, and can even wear a little headband if you tap the little kettle bell in the bottom right. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face while you’re constantly being reminded to drink water, I don’t know what will.

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