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How To Use Writer Plus (Android)

How To Use Writer Plus (Android)

I’ve had a good amount of experience with different writing apps at this point. As a writer, I even find myself using a few here and there. Even if I prefer to use my phone for playing games and watching cat videos rather than doing work. Which I think we all prefer anyways. Today, let’s look at Writer Plus for Android devices. I wonder what this app could possibly do…


What Is Writer Plus?

As you can pretty easily tell from the name, Writer Plus is a writing app. I know, big shock, right? Now, as I said, I’ve tried out my fair share of writing apps in my day. Some of them help give you the inspiration to write more. Others are more or less note taking apps. Writer Plus is more of a blank slate for you to write on. Like an empty notebook for you to write away. Or stare at when you have writer’s block. Either way.


How Do You Use It?

Writer Plus is all about simplicity. You begin by hitting the plus sign button to open up a new document. From there, you can name the doc by tapping on its name. After doing some writing, you can create a folder to keep these different documents in by tapping the folder button at the top of the app. And, if you want to share or save your writings, simply tap the top right area of the document and hit “Share.”


How Is The App?

Writer Plus is pretty much as basic as you can get. The app is little more than a digital notebook for you to keep all your writings. However, that’s not exactly a bad thing. Some writer may prefer something so basic, as it allows you to open your mind up completely. It’s not really my kind of writing experience, but I understand why people would enjoy it.

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