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Ice Rage Android Review

Hockey is a very difficult game to play. There’s skating, precision, and aggression needed. Also, it’s cold. Because of ice. But is there a way to experience the thrills of the game without actually exercising? Of course there is! Otherwise I wouldn’t have started this review so sloppily. With Ice Rage, a hockey game for Android devices, you need not worry any longer about missing out on the action of ice sports. So let’s take a look at Ice Rage for Android devices.



The Basics

Like I said, Ice Rage is a hockey game. However, it’s more of an arcade-style hockey game, with only two players on the ice and two goalies. “So, if that’s the case, why is it so special?” you ask me in a hypothetical manner. Well, let’s start with one of the more charming aspects of this game: the characters. You get a few generic-looking characters available, but there’s also a zombie, a ninja, a bear, and a moose. I assume you’ve already downloaded this game after reading this, but I’ll go on.



The Gameplay

The controls of Ice Rage are pretty simple. You get a small digital joystick and action button, and that’s it really. The action button is mainly for shooting, but can also be used to knock opposing players over (without the risk of penalties I might add.) I guess that’s where the “rage” in Ice Rage comes from. And the ice is what you skate on. But you probably already knew that.



Is It Fun?

Ice Rage is a very good game. When I first downloaded it I figured I was in for another generic sports game adventure. However, once I got playing I was instantly hooked. I was also beating my opponents with ease at first – until I realized there was more than one difficulty. Let’s just say I wasn’t quite ready for the big leagues. One thing I found a bit strange was the way you unlock characters. Instead of unlocking them through challenges, you simply watch a quick ad to unlock them. Not that I’m complaining – If it takes a thirty second ad for me to finally be able to play as a moose, I say sign me up.



The Bottom Line

Ice Rage was an unexpected treat. The gameplay is fun, albeit challenging when you’re doing anything but Easy mode. The characters are pretty varied and charming as well. While it doesn’t feel quite as satisfying to simply watch an ad to unlock them, being able to play as a zombie is well worth it.

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